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  1. How do I insert a new Avatar...........

    duh....I aint that dumb,....
  2. How do I insert a new Avatar...........

    There isnt a scroll bar, thgere isnt anything, just a stupid set of 15 avatars, and I dont want to use any of those.....how to I go about it??????????????????????????????????????
  3. How do I insert a new Avatar...........

    Shut up, Im back...now back to the question....
  4. How do I insert a new Avatar...........

    Jesus H Christ, there are only 15 available Avatars....this blows.. So how to I find and fit a picture, into that little square.?
  5. How do I insert a new Avatar...........

    Ok, Ill try, BRB
  6. first glacier

    Ice srews are nice.....Get the longest ya can get, 'cause they can be used as short ones with the proper slingage.... I carry 2 Black Diamond Express Screws, a little pricey, but look at it this way.......Would you buy a cheap parachute if you were into skydiving...?
  7. Mt. Hood south side 6/30/05

    I have a friend who did it in 2.2 hrs, bastard eats nails for breakfast....sheesh
  8. So when ya planning on going up for sure?....I plan to head up and solo it soon, just havent decided....It would be nice to have some company.
  9. Great TR man....Nice Pics, and you made it back home...Sounds like a decent day.
  10. Wildflowers

    Nice.....Just the picture I needed before I head to bed............TLG on top of something more than once...........sheesh!.
  11. Wildflowers

    Do you piss on every ones posts on purpose, or is your foley catheter leaking....? Just asking sweety....
  12. first glacier

    Conditions are not standard for terrain or season, sometimes they may be totally off the wall conditions for the season....who knows......... Your dealing with nature, and not a terrain park, and if you have invested stock in our weather service here in the PNW it may be time to pull out. But just to answer that question based on trends...............Look for a fews cracks and snow bridges which require a quick piss before you cross.
  13. Wildflowers

    Yeah I saw it today up behind Paradise, totally trippy in its own sense Folks. I do have to tell everyone....Just come out and see it.
  14. first glacier

    How about avoiding the dice, and take a crevasse rescue coarse ith some good people in the area and get your hands dirty sorta speak. That way, you will see what its like, get to really know other than figure it out, and just do it, and not rely on our opinions.
  15. MtHardwr Annapurnna.......4 Season..New

    SOLD to someone for 350.00...Thanks Folks... Bye
  16. MtHardwr Annapurnna.......4 Season..New

    Look, 350.00 and I take care of shipping. Unless YOU and I have made a deal through PM's then that is the last price...... BTW thelawgoddess....get a cup of coffee and chear up, not like there isnt more important stuff to post about that to jump in here and question me, if you have something to say, you say it in person....Lord knows you have an opportunity everyday. Nuff Said, lets be friends again.
  17. MtHardwr Annapurnna.......4 Season..New

    Then I guess you wont be buying it? PRICK.
  18. first glacier

    Sounds like you guys have done your homework and a rearing to go. Sounds like a fun time. Those books are great for varied method learning. As you said, you will be practicing alot of the things you have read, and I totally am an advocate of that in the right senario. However, 30m Isnt enough. Its perfect for a perfect climb, however, 91+ft isnt enough for practicing C-Z-pulley systems, which is the "ideal" system for a 2 person team, and the extra 72+ ft if you are using a 60m rope is a little more security on your back in terms of a kiwi-coil. A 30m rope will be ok, but wont give you the extra cushion for playing, security, or being there for others when a rescue is on the plate and you guys are the only ones closest to help. I even carry a 8.3 50m when I solo.....Just incase. Sorry to stomp on the horse, but a little more rope will never hurt.
  19. [TR] Little Tahoma pictures

    Great Pics man, glad you folks had a good time.
  20. MtHardwr Annapurnna.......4 Season..New

    OK 350 and you take care of shipping.
  21. Rescues and more route images

    By the way...Would you be interested in that Annapurna Im selling?.....Or know anyone?...lol
  22. Rescues and more route images

    BTW Mike, the photos were and still are great, Cya tomorrow.
  23. Rescues and more route images

    16 From Paradise atleast??? C'Mon Miguel....