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  1. Take a look at the NC Accident thread to see how quickly this website soils everything it touches. Where else can you find total strangers arguing over how to properly mourn the recently deceased? Fucking weak...
  2. In Seattle you can still apply for a "Too-Good-For-You Hipster CUNT" ID Card. They're pretty popular, and grant you umlimited access to Phil Eck, among others.
  3. Run on. Should be: "I think what I was saying was pretty clear. Quit being a little bitch." or "I think what I was saying was pretty clear; now quit being a little bitch."
  4. I heard from someone that the crevasse opened up and they fell in after the air got lighter and from all the steam from the volcanoes. Anyone else know anything about this?
  5. Despite all of the third grade name calling and loser posturing: Are the fixed ropes still in place?
  6. Yes. Got it. Money well spent. Thanks.
  7. So, if I modeled the Earth as a 2D grid, with the center of the Earth's mass on the axis y=0, because my coordinates do not change, or y=constant, my position does not change over time, therefore a=0 with respect to y=0?
  8. Dig a hole and jump in and let me know if you're accelerating with respect to the Earth. Also, as I am currently in orbit around the Earth, I have a rate of centripetal acceleration of 9.8 m/s/s with respect to the center of the Earth's mass. Learn more HERE
  9. So since any part of the universe could be considered "local" by it's inhabitants, none of the Universe is expanding? More like: The Laws of Physics are valid anywhere in the Universe, and the only "point" with "zero expansion" is a single point. The space between any two points is increasing, and the rate of expansion increases as the distance between the two points increases. So the "Space" between the Earth and the sun is in fact expanding. Or: You don't know shit.
  10. Allan_Halsey

    Bush on TV

    W.W.M.D.D.? (What Would Mau'Dib Do?)
  11. Allan_Halsey

    Bush on TV

    More details emerging HERE
  12. Bill said: and: but Einstein said: "we [...] assume the complete physical equivalence of a gravitational field and a corresponding acceleration of the reference system." Did you go to WWU? You should demand a refund!!
  13. 4500 times the speed of light? You don't know shit...
  14. I just took a cyanide pill so that I don't have to live in this world anymore... Rich Purnell: YOU ARE A FUCKING MORON! Probably got a two-page spread in "Climbing" after his remarkable, cutting-edge climb. Nothing like the smell of BURNING ROPE at the crag, not to mention melted rope residue, heat-altered bolts, smoke-stained rock...and the list goes on. Rich Purnell: Why not drench yourself in gas and FREE SOLO to the top, then light yourself on fire and JUMP. You'll be doing the world a great big favor, as well as creating a truly asthetic climb that contrasts the two mediums of life and death while bringing back some excitement to climbing and creating an appreciation for gear. And what are the "two contrasting mediums"?? "Ice" and "Fire"?? "Colorado mixed crag shithole posuer fest cock rub festival" and "burning rope"? More like "Nature" and "Modern man's ubiquitous sub-human desire to selfishly defile everything he touches because he is BORED" Rich Purnell: If you are SO FUCKING BORED, drop me a line and you can repeat your remarkable ascent, ropeless, while I blast you with a flamethrower, you STUPID FUCK. I'm going alpine climbing. EXCITEMENT!!
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