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  1. Bunch of random stuff. Mostly heavily used and older, but still lots of life left. Arcteryx Bora 95 sz L - 95L(+)/6000 ci. Early 2000s model in red/black. Great expedition backpack. Has a couple areas where Arcteryx repaired a spot the framestays had worn through. One of a pair of zippers on the brain is busted (other works fine). $150 shipped Dana Design Dynamo - 2500 ci/41L Kindof like a smaller version of their classic Bomb pack. One of a pair of zippers on the outside pocket is busted (other works fine). $35 shipped Cold Cold World Chernobyl - 3000 ci/50L Great made in New Hampshire alpine pack. Link here if you are unfamiliar with the company. Tool sleeves, removable pad, crampon straps, floating/removable brain, highly compressible. This is the larger torso sized pack of this model - "Regular" $50 shipped Scarpa Inverno ice/mountain plastic double boot. Size 12. Missing small grey rubber tongue piece on one boot. I used them without it for awhile. Someone at Scarpa went looking for a replacement piece once, but never found one. Could easily manufacture one, I just haven't used these boots in several years and never got around to it. $50 shipped Scarpa TX AT/NTN boot. Mondo 29 (US 11). Well used. Older orange model. Scarpa/Intuition liners have only been baked once. Dynafit and NTN tele compatible. Includes the Dynafit adapters (prevent bellow flex and pre-release in ski mode). Lowest buckle missing on one boot. T-Nut is in there, most shops have extra buckles (sorry, no ski shop in town for me to fix it up). $75 shipped G3 Targa Ascent Free pivot version of the classic Targa. Regular stiffness cartridges. Maybe 40-odd days on this binding over a few years? One of the climbing bars is cracked and won't stay up. $50 shipped Shoot me a pm with your email for pictures, or if you have any questions. All items located in Western Montana. Thanks!
  2. Will be passing through the area this week and wouldn't mind knocking a couple peaks off the list. Might be taking a look at skiing Rainier with a friend Wed/Thurs, but wouldn't mind finding a partner when he is unavailable. Hood? Baker? or? Haven't spent too much time in the PNW, but am a solid skier and mountaineer.
  3. FS: Rock Shoes, Stove, Crampons

    pm for red/tan sportiva focus shoes
  4. Bump... price drop to $225 shipped also interested in partial (or full?) trade for used TCUs or wiregates
  5. bump... starting to get cold out there...
  6. large "Citron" in color FF Frontpoint jacket - 850+ fill (fits on the big side; I wear a XL Pattagucci DAS and they are sized similarly). Purchased and used on a couple of big trips in 2006/2007; has been mostly hanging around in my closet since then, save a couple of cold days at the ice crags. Jacket is in excellent condition with no tears/holes/etc. There is a little dirt on it at the moment, as I don't have access to a good front load washing machine at the moment. Can't tell from the photo too well, but it does have a fantastic (and detachable) hood. $250 shipped please email me with further inquiries: ben.johnson.mt AT gmail.com Thanks for looking! Here are the specs from FF Frontpoint Specs [img:center]http://www.mountainproject.com/images/16/88/107211688_large_f20c36.jpg[/img]
  7. The tallies are at the bottom of page one
  8. Rappin' About Delicate Arch

    "odub" - his name comes from offwidth funny to hear a guy rapping about climbing
  9. interested in the ascenders - pm sent
  10. Alpine: Storm's a comin' : North Trapper Peak, MT Scenic: North Six Shooter Peak; Indian Creek, UT Cragging: The Shadow Ice: Climbing in the Snow Bouldering: The Reach
  11. lots of gear for sale just a few items left!

    PM sent - OP biners and ascenders
  12. I'll take the ice glove. Check your PMs.
  13. SOLD

    Don't need a pack right now, but shoot me a PM if you'd like to buy the tent. Thanks.
  14. SOLD

    Avalung sold.
  15. SOLD

    Or willing to trade/work out a deal for .4 .5 or .75 Camalots.