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  1. West ridge of Forbidden any route discriptions &

    Was last in there from 8/11-16. Rte finding is pretty straightforward getting around in BB. The ridge climbing is totally obvious. Depending on a lot of factors, like weather, endurance, fitness, and climbing style, I think a good time to shoot for on a round trip W Ridge day, for your first time being in there, is 10-12 hrs camp to camp in BB. You may go much faster if you simul or solo some parts of the ridge. I have done it in 8 hrs guiding the whole thing, so there is time to be made in places... Have fun!
  2. West ridge of Forbidden any route discriptions &

    The W Ridge is in fine shape, although most folks seem to be avoiding the couloir access and heading up the rock. If you climb those rock pitches to get on the ridge, you will be intimate with the descent route as well. Glacier below is cruiser.
  3. climbing shop in Everett?

    cool- where is this shop located?
  4. climbing shop in Everett?

    Hi all, can anyone point me towards a gear supply store north of Seattle on the way to HW 20 East? In Everett, Sedro or near by? Basically just need cartridge fuel. Thanks a bunch...
  5. West Face of Hozomeen?

    Have you been up there? You don't think there are any crack systems? I'm wondering why such a gem has gone unclimbed...
  6. West Face of Hozomeen?

    Does anyone have a clue what this wall looks like? (difficulty, quality) Also, are there any existing routes up there?
  7. Choada Boy, I gathered the variation was on rock to the climber's left; have you done these pitches? Do you remember the difficulty or anything specific? ( I am trying to gather as much info as possible on some routes in this area; please don't hold back) PEACE
  8. Could anyone offer any beta (route description, difficulty) for accessing Forbidden's W. Ridge once that snow gully melts out? And for that matter, if it has melted out yet? Thanks in advance
  9. Dan, how long did you take on the Torment/Forbidden traverse? Suggested rack, helpful beta?? What did that access couloir look like to get onto the W. Ridge of Forbidden? Thanks for the report-