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  1. Leavenworth and beyond!

    Thanks for the heads up Blake! I'll be sure to make it. Matt I will try my best to get in a day of climbing around here wearing lederhosen. I think it could be a good look, especially on a no-star tuesday... [img:left]http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/01727/kurt-albert_1727692f.jpg[/img]
  2. Leavenworth and beyond!

    Hola companeros! I am new to Leavenworth, and looking to explore the area. Whether you are living in Leavenworth or another town, I'd love to chat and meet folks in the NW climbing community and see what could work out! To find out more about me: bryanhendrick.com Have a stellar day! -- Bryan Hendrick
  3. Hey there! I need a partner Saturday evening through Tuesday. Looks like Monday and Tuesday should offer decent weather. I would like to spend a few days around Forbidden Peak. If avy conditions are unstable; the area around Forbidden, does offer more manageable terrain. If the Forbidden area isn't your cup of tea, I'm willing to head else where. Thanks!
  4. Hey there! I've got some time on my hands - my partner for an expedition had to back out - what can you do, except CLIMB and SKI! Listed below are the dates I would like to get out: May 3-6, 8-10, and 14-16. I'm looking to climb beautiful routes and/or ski big lines. Open to your objectives as well. Drop me a line, and lets get after it!
  5. ...well, not really. But it's still pretty good. Bryan Hendrick