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  1. Never Satisfied - Meadoze & Ril3y at it again!

    "We engaged them, we collaborated with them," Riley said. "The Friends of Mt. Hood will say anything or do anything just to stop any project that we want to do." Is this not the truth?? Everytime someone wants to better their business, someone will always be there to bitch and moan about something. The Friends of Mt Hood and CRAG are up in arms because this has been listed as a categorical exclusion. But it does qualify as an exclusion folks. That is how the laws are written. Sounds to me like some people need to read up on natural resource policy. This is not a major federal action, it affects only 5 acres of land. Thus it is not deemed a 'major federal action' the project is not subject to the scrutiny that the National Environmental Policy Act imposes. Riley has gone above what the rules say and has opened the subject up to the public and taken notes of those comments and adjusted his record of decisions. I too am all for water quality and protection of salmon and habitat. But trying to force an Environmental Analysis on the project is not the way to go about this. If you are truly concered about the amount of water in the East Fork of the Hood River, then someone should be lobbying for increased in-stream water rights for that river. Just my two cents.
  2. Scrubbing!

    i thought it was in relation to chemical content within the plant??
  3. pole creek?

    hey all, been a lurker on here for a while, finally came up with a question... plannin on headin to middle or north sister in a couple weeks, anyone have any ideas to how pole creek road is?
  4. Tom Delay resignation betting pool

  5. Tom Delay resignation betting pool

    or what I actually prefer: NCR
  6. Tom Delay resignation betting pool

    blah blah blah NPR says blah blah blah
  7. Riva 2 bindings

    It seems that BD is no longer selling replacement lever assemblies for the Riva 2. Anyone know where i can get my hands on one?
  8. Cascade Lakes Highway (State 46)

    umm... ODOT? www.tripcheck.org
  9. EP walls

    not just back in the day, it still happens!
  10. Thanks hero.

    go east on sprague, i think its appelway now, then turn onto dishman mica highway, go to schafer road, take a right halfway up the hill....the rocks themselves are on the 'face' of dishman hills, visible from dishman mica road. What kind of petition you talkin about?
  11. EP walls

    lol. i know the exact feeling! How about the concrete boogers from the atomized resin in the air, those are awesome!
  12. EP walls

    so my whole point of this topic was mostly the freeform walls i guess. I've built so many walls, but we only occasionaly get to climb some of the walls that we build, but, im pretty much the shittiest climber i know, so i was wonderin what folks that are decent thought of the 'hand sculpted' features on the freeform walls. on a side note, im glad to see that there are still people breathing five years later from working at that place, nice job guys
  13. EP walls

    no, im in school now, but worked there 2000-2002 and summers since then, crazy place...
  14. EP walls

    and i bet you all worked there before me...hmmm??
  15. EP walls

    i agree bout the imprint. when did you work there?
  16. pole creek?

    foot of snow, that would be nice! Thanks for the info!
  17. Thanks hero.

    So i just happpend across this forum the other day, and got to readin about this dishman issue. I was completly shocked! Dishman is where it all started for me, i've since been in oregon for the last 5 years so have been out of the loop. Im not planning on being another ranter on this forum, but am eager to hear about whats happening and/or what is likely to happen. Is there anywhere else online that has information about this occurance? a side note...does anyone know who bolted all the routes on the small cliff up by Ponderosa Elementary school. The rocks with the horrible ugly new house planted on the hill in front.....