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  1. how much for the third tool?
  2. Respect for others on Rainier

    excellent post, thank you. very well put.
  3. Hey NYC007, you sure seem to bring up the rear quite a bit. A big thank you to MCash for kicking in steps so my little buddy could make it to the top.
  4. charlet quarks

    pair of quarks, brand new quad picks, detachable leashes, and fang attachment. $325
  5. charlet quarks

    sorry, didn't get any responses so I sold them on ebay for $390
  6. Thule Cascade Box

    Used only once, virtually brand new. $150 It's the narrow long one.
  7. Thule Cascade Box

    This is an 1100, picture at this site http://www.prolineracks.com/thule-676-cascade-cargo-carrier.html Only difference is three easily removed stickers Retail around $250
  8. Looking for N. ID people to talk to or meet.

    Check your PM's
  9. Jan 2-7

    Anyone interested in climbing some ice? Banff or Hyalite? Also looking for someone interested in going to Ouray in Feb. I was considering riding greyhound down there and spending 4 or 5 days. Been climbing ice for 3 years, can lead up to a soft 4, have gear and a 4x4. And I'm a paramedic.
  10. Eastern Washington Ice

    Banks and Copper are both a no, I don't know about Stevens
  11. WTB La Sportiva Trangos

    Looking for either the ice version or a newer version of the trango, Size-whatever a 12 is in euro Thanks
  12. WTB La Sportiva Trangos

    Thank you, unfortunately they are still at full price. I am looking for used to save some cash.
  13. ice gear 4 sale plus snowboard

    I'll take the screws
  14. ice gear 4 sale plus snowboard

    are the screws in good condition?