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  1. Paradise Web Cam

    someone clean it off! or is it raining there?
  2. FS: Ice Tools, Boots

    im interested specialed PMs
  3. leashless tools

    how bout axars?
  4. leashless tools

    no i dont own a normal pair i want to get into ice climbing but i dont know what tools to buy. id mainly be doing alpine and WI no dry tooling or anything mabye mixed if i run into some. the only thing i want to know is if anyone has used both and would like to coment on the faults or good things about leashed tools or leashless
  5. leashless tools

    so the chances of a drop are slim?
  6. leashless tools

    whats your guy's take on em? do the pro's outweigh the fact that you could drop the tools?
  7. Cycling vs Running

    i run and bike though i dont know what a "good" bike workout feels like usually because im so tired from running the last previous weeks. as far as workout running is way better but moutain biking (on mountains and dirt biking and quad riding areas) also gives you quite the workout, it takes a LONG time on a` road bike to get the equivalent workout that it is running. running is alot harder on the body though.
  8. FS: Scarpa Freney Pro 45 *PICS*

    yo kioti check your pms
  9. FS: La Sportiva Trango Extreme S, size 43

    bummer then i wont need em either i also wear size ten
  10. FS: La Sportiva Trango Extreme S, size 43

    pictures?i'm semi-interested
  11. WANTED!!! charlet moser quasar!

    if anyone has one thats just laying around in their garage or whatever ill be willing to buy it
  12. charlet moser quasars

    what kind of price should i expect for one of these?
  13. charlet moser quasars

    thankyoui think i will take your advice
  14. charlet moser quasars

    damnit i need cash if i had that much i would buy quarks lol im just need something that will do for a couple of seasons untill i can afford better and i dont plan on dry tooling or anything just a little ice and alpine
  15. charlet moser quasars

    and do you know anyone that wants to sell axars or any of these old school tools