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  1. Stuart

    Is the approch on long pass still snow in
  2. Stuart

    Anyone been on stuart from the south side. Cascadian Couloir route. Any info would be good. Bean
  3. I may be interested in doing something next week. I am a very slow hiker, but do well on climbs. Been out of it for a few years back on the horse these days. Unemployed at the moment. Would like to do Monte Cristo. Let me know if interested. Brad
  4. Favorite climbing book?

    Eiger Wall of Death
  5. Northern AZ TR

    Very soft Sandstone. A lot of lose Rock. Makes for a interesting adventure.
  6. Northern AZ TR

    On the second picture down, The big temple in the Center is Visnhu temple. I climbed it about 15 years ago. One pitch of .7 and one 8. A lot of Scrambling. We did it in March from Phantom Ranch. Did not see anyone for about 5 days. Finding water was interesting.
  7. Old cannon, Weisner, and Lake View on Cannon are nice climbs also. 5.6 range.