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  1. Sport vs Trad

    103 in WA, 387 in the NW, and 4,753 in the US (last year's numbers).
  2. Sport vs Trad

    although i can't say i've ever seen you....
  3. Sport vs Trad

    so i am to assume you didn't read the thread?
  4. Sport vs Trad

    imposing your silly reading doesn't count. f piss off.
  5. Sport vs Trad

    just run-out, that's all. it got retro-bolted unfortunately. along with a few other awesome lines originally led on gear or partial gear.
  6. Sport vs Trad

    Now I'm even more disappointed; disappointed that they would approve of your profanity-laced tirades against your fellow man. Donald Donald Donald. I am saddened. I will say a little prayer for you.
  7. Sport vs Trad

    Although I must say I was highly disappointed that someone of your obviously upper-crust sensibilities and breeding would resort to a profanity such as "D&mb@ss". Donald Donald Donald. I do believe your parents and spiritual teachers would also be disappointed, yes?
  8. Sport vs Trad

    thank you donald for the clarification; i appreciate your humility and maturity in correcting your mistake.
  9. Sport vs Trad

    if this had anything, Anything, to do with donald's position, you might have something, but since it doesn't, it's just pissin in the wind.
  10. Sport vs Trad

  11. Sport vs Trad

    see, this is the problem: you have a solipsistic view of climbing, and that's why it seems people have the frustration they have with you. you project your personal internal perception outwards, universalizing it into a broad ethical maxim: "THE Climbing Experience has been demeaned, I Proclaim!" (Not A climbing experience, or MY climbing experience, but THE (universal) climbing experience!). Children have this perspective (and certain clinically diagnosed (for what it's worth) sociopaths), usually outgrowing it and developing the ability to see the world from differing perspectives (ideally, i'd say). the ego doesn't like this perspective very much, because its platform for grandstanding and complete individuation is removed. it can be very threatening to see one's perspective and opinions as somehow not the "final word", but only different angles on a broad almost infinite continuum. it's much easier to simply rail mono-syllabically "bolts BAD!" or "communism BAD!" (courtesy of one of our other demagogues), than to juggle multiple viewpoints and their attendant relationships.
  12. Sport vs Trad

    wonders never cease. alpha-ruskie-boi actually said something of substance, AND i agree with it. lack of alkohol in blood-stream?
  13. Sport vs Trad

    nema za shcho, suka. hey alpha, me no speak ruskie. mut suomee juttelen. juo poika juo!
  14. Sport vs Trad

    thanks, alpha. you did look pretty slim in that vid.
  15. Sport vs Trad

    lard ass indeed thanks Mom!! yeah i know. that's why i'm waiting for rumr to email me skinny prescriptions. btw, why you concerned about hangers? i thought you were into power hiking?
  16. Sport vs Trad

    alpha ruskie boi kkk shows his skillz. [video:youtube]n0YpMHZoeCc&hl
  17. Sport vs Trad

    oh my gosh that is so CUTE!
  18. Sport vs Trad

    yes indeed, stopping posting altogether is what it would take for you to keep up. maybe.
  19. GWB, What Have You Done For Me Lately?

    dude, go get'er.
  20. Sport vs Trad

    Tell that to Dean Potters face. fanboi.
  21. Sport vs Trad

    so let's get the facts: how many bolts have broken on you, and what were they? i've never had a bolt break, and indeed my sporto 180 lb ass has fallen on lotso lotso bolts. although: i was hanging on a bolt a coupla weeks ago, looked up, and noticed the hanger was held on by a half turn of the nut. literally. the fall would have put me in a bad bad place. very scary. so, check your hangers.
  22. GWB, What Have You Done For Me Lately?

    you better learn his preferences if you expect to get anywhere close to anal warts and gonorrhea with him: scotch. bottles and bottles of scotch.
  23. GWB, What Have You Done For Me Lately?

    you guys are so cute together! nothing like gonorrhea and anal warts for a couple of guys to bond over.
  24. Sport vs Trad

    ah yes, another instance where "lick sack" and "dumb shit" were the extent of your replies to anything you disagreed with. hey i think your bottle's calling; you're getting into multi-syllable words ruskie boy.
  25. Sport vs Trad

    and how would this "false" claim of FA affect one exactly?