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  1. Herb

    Alaska Stoke

    Thanks. I've seen the rock but haven't tried it yet. The NE side of Homicide also has some interesting, mostly moderate climbs in full conditions. Ski Tracks has seen a number of ascents. At least three on Left Ski Track that I know of in the past two years. There's been many more I'm sure. Last winter was a little dry though with a lot of scraping and scrapping around. Hookers - many more attempts than completions. What's the climb to the left of Hookers called? The 2-3 pitch one paralleling the couloir. Given the Alaskan tradition of not recording anything you climb or even telling anyone about it, it seems best never to claim a first ascent of anything. Especially in the Front Range. It's humbling to consider the unheralded climbing talent that's climbed there over the past few decades.
  2. Herb

    Alaska Stoke

    Did you mean keep biking around to the northeast face? There's nothing much on the NW side that I've seen. Around the corner past where the trial jogs left is early season ice. Only about 40 feet but if you're desperate to swing a tool . . . Is that the area where you're talking about?
  3. Nice job! But can't you be more ambitious next year and climb a little more? Oh, wait, there's probably nothing left to climb . . . That's nothing short of a climbing frenzy. Congratulations!
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