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  1. The Portland Alpine Festival is here Nov 3 thru 8!

    [img:right]http://portlandalpinefest.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/GrahamZimmerman.jpg[/img][font:Verdana]Clinics are selling out FAST Due to the Oregonian articles today. Graham Zimmerman's clinics and seminars in High Angle Rescue, Mixed Climbing and Climbing without Beta look great!:[/font] http://portlandalpinefest.org/athletes/graham-zimmerman/
  2. [font:Verdana]The Portland Alpine Festival starts Monday and goes through Saturday November 8th with 5 athletes and over 25 events all week! We’re also starting to get some fantastic promotions through Facebook and various climbing magazines and also some great press from the Oregonian. Here’s an article from Terry Richard all about our keynote speaker John Roskelley: http://www.oregonlive.com/travel/index.ssf/2014/10/john_roskelley_brings_climbing.html And here are two more articles about the festival: http://www.oregonlive.com/travel/index.ssf/2014/10/mazamas_stage_portland_alpine.html http://www.oregonlive.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2014/10/portland_alpine_festival_will.html The biggest event of the week is The Summit, on Saturday Nov. 8. All the athletes will be there, signing posters and books (Roskelley is bringing original copies of Nanda Devi to sign!) This night will be the perfect finale to an amazing week of fun – there will be great food, drinks, a silent auction (Tons of gear, books, photos, rental houses, gift cards & more), a live auction, awards, a Vendor Fair – new gear, schwag, lots of your friends – and the highlight of the night, a presentation by climbing legend and Piolet d’Or Lifetime Achievement Awardee John Roskelley. We want everyone in the NW that loves to play in the mountains to come to the festival and especially the Summit! Our goal is to make the Portland Alpine Festival the greatest event, workshop and competition in the Pacific Northwest for climbers, hikers, skiers and everyone who loves to play in the mountains. So, share this note with your friends, take a look at the festival schedule again to make sure you don’t miss out on anything (http://portlandalpinefest.org/festival-schedule), and we’ll see you next week! [/font]
  3. Barry Blanchard at the Bagdad Thtr Saturday 11/17!

    Hey folks: 1 week away to Barry Blanchard Clinics and his presentation at our annual celebration! Just $10 for the show & only $28 for the clinic! check it out here: http://mazamaevents.blogspot.com/2012/10/mazamas-annual-celebration-with-guest.html
  4. [img:right]http://mazamas.org/pdf/otherpdf/blanchard_sm.jpg[/img]Hey everybody - Mazamas is bringing Barry Blanchard to town on Saturday November 17th for a clinic and a presentation that night at the Bagdad Theater for our annual celebration: The Annual Celebration is at the Bagdad Theater on Hawthorne in SE Portland on 11/17/12. Here are the details about Barry's presentation: http://www.mazamas.org/your/adventure/calendar_event/363/ ALSO! We just confirmed with Barry Blanchard that we will be offering a 2-3hr clinic at Noon on Saturday November 17th at the Mazamas Mountaineering Center on SE 43rd & Stark covering “Alpine rope-work, self rescue, rescue systems, escape the belay, and a few other tips and tricks” The clinic is $28.00. For those of you who don’t know Barry – he’s been a sponsored athlete with Patagonia for many years, helped to mentor Steve House and is widely regarded as one of the best alpine climbers in Canada and North America. The clinic is geared for beginning climbers or intermediate/advanced climbers who want a refresher on these topics. [img:left]http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-MlXmqIa_CXs/UICjPm-wp0I/AAAAAAAAAUA/8FhPRZO_-tI/s320/barry_blanchard.JPG[/img]** Note to please bring a harness, locker and belay device to the clinic. ** Note also that this year’s Annual Celebration is at the Bagdad, it’s cheap ($10!) and your ticket includes a free beer or non-alcoholic beverage of your choice! http://mazamaevents.blogspot.com/2012/10/mazamas-annual-celebration-with-guest.html
  5. Portland Ice Festival 2012

    Friday Friday Friday!!! Sign up Here: Group Clinic with Colin 3pm-5pm on Friday at Mazamas Patagonia Slideshow by Colin 7pm Friday at Mazamas PDX Ice Fest comp 5pm-9pm Saturday at Portland Rock Gym Sign up HERE http://www.mazamas.org/your/adventure/calendar_event/976/ [img:left]http://mazamas.org/images/uploads/pdxice_poster6b.jpg[/img]
  6. Colin Haley 'climbing in patagonia' slideshow

    Hey folks - if you're in PORTLAND and missed this show you can see it this Friday at Mazamas! Sign up here for the presentation, clinics with Colin AND go to the PDX Ice Fest comp on Saturday at Portland Rock Gym!! http://www.mazamas.org/your/adventure/calendar_event/976/ [img:left]http://mazamas.org/images/uploads/pdxice_poster6b.jpg[/img]
  7. [img:right]http://mazamas.org/images/uploads/huntington-2_thumb.jpg[/img] Hey folks - check out this NEW Advanced Class at Mazamas - Information night is scheduled for 7PM on Tuesday October 2nd at the MMC! 527 SE 43rd Avenue, Portland, OR 97215 http://www.mazamas.org/your/adventure/calendar_event/1954/ [img:left]http://mazamas.org/images/uploads/frieh1_thumb.jpg[/img] Photo Courtesy of Gym Jones
  8. Portland Ice Festival 2012

    Hey folks - Tickets are ON SALE now either at Mazamas, PRG or ONLINE here: http://www.mazamas.org/your/adventure/calendar_event/976/
  9. Hey folks - Tomorrow nights program is with renowned mountain photographer John Scurlock at 7PM and is a benefit for Portland Mountain Rescue [img:right]http://mazamas.org/images/uploads/scurlock.jpg[/img] Check out these links! http://www.pbase.com/nolock/mountains http://www.pbase.com/nolock/mountains http://www.mazamas.org/your/adventure/calendar_event/1862/
  10. Warrior's Way Clinics @Smith Rock AND Mazamas!

    Hey folks - Only a couple of spots left in the clinics! Next weeks' all about Arno around here - hope to see you at a clinic or at the presentation... Thx. Lee
  11. Hey folks - Arno Ilgner is coming to town in two weeks! The Friday clinics at Smith Rock are already filling up fast. Thursday clinics are in town and an amazing deal! As with all of our clinics: Your clinic INCLUDES admission to the Thursday slideshow with Arno at the MMC. Hope to see you all then! Warriors Way Clinics with Arno Ilgner @Smith and Mazamas [img:left]http://mazamas.org/images/uploads/arno2.jpg[/img]
  12. [img:left]http://www.cascadeclimbers.com/plab/data/500/mazama_logo.gif[/img] Hey folks: Mazamas Mazamas is bringing Will Gadd to Portland for two indoor clinics: Basic Steep Ice Movement on Wednesday 3/21/12 at 2PM and Dry Tooling on Thursday 3/22/12 at Noon He'll also be doing a slideshow presentation that Wednesday night and we're having a party afterwards. Check here for more details and to sign up!: http://www.mazamas.org/your/adventure/calendar_event/will-gadd/
  13. [TR] North Sister - SE Ridge 9/11/2011

    Thanks to John for the great TR (as usual) and for taking the time to respond, I think very well, to Kirk & Joe's comments. Kirk or Joe - if you have an issue with Mazamas (or if ANYONE has an issue with Mazamas) I highly encourage you to call me and talk with me about it 503-227-2345. If you can't do that, then email me at lee@mazamas.org [i can also tell you exactly who moved your packs around Monkey Face that day if you'd like to thank them in person.] I climb every tuesday & thursday morning at PRG - and so will be available to talk after 11am tomorrow. Seriously, give me a call & tell me what you really think. Thanks, Lee Davis Mazamas Executive Director
  14. One more reminder for tomorrow night's show with Steph Davis: 7PM Thursday at Mazamas (527 SE 43rd Avenue) http://www.mazamas.org/your/adventure/calendar_event/1772/ Hope to see you all there! Lee