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  1. Anyone been there recently and know how far you can drive before you hit the snow?
  2. Looks nice... A harder line drops from the small saddle just below the summit on the right and goes down a chute behind the ridge that Overlord is peeking over. Since I suck, I came in from the side when I did it instead of hucking the cornice (which was about 25 feet high)
  3. Ponzini


    I understand why he's at the Squamish Cold Beer & Wine, but what's he doing at Whistler guest relations? There's no ski rack on his car...
  4. You betcha! Getting over to Whirlwind is more than most of the Whistler "backcountry" crowd accomplishes!
  5. I get shin bang in my plastics walking down long level grades, eg. logging roads. The only sure fire cure I've found is to shave your shins and protect them with duct tape.
  6. Without chains, one switchback above the gate. With chains, to where the road goes through the standing timber and the snow gets deep (due to shade) two switchbacks below the parking. We hiked up the trail since the snow was thinner in the forest, but plunged stepped down the headwall on the way back - fast.
  7. Went up the South Ridge of Welch. Aside from some postholing to gain the ridge, conditions were very good. But one of our group felt that the climbing was a bit much, so we packed it in just below the south summit. Astute readers of these pages may remember that's exactly where we stopped back in Noverber, but that was due to me being delirious from a bad cold that I thought I could get rid of by "climbing it out of me". Won't try that again.
  8. Agree with Drew. I climb with Koflach Degres in winter (lighter liner but I think same shell as the Verticals). Very nice to take the liners out and put them in the sleeping bag if they're a bit damp with sweat - or just to keep them un-frozen. Can't do that with leathers unless you care not for your bag.
  9. Yeah, that'd probably work... By the way, what's the peak to the left of the Ibex group with the big shady face? I've climbed Needle 11 times myself and haven't noticed it....something near Breckenridge? Or mabye the Scuzzy area?
  10. We didn't ski right to the bottom, there's a cliff line that you run into about 600 feet down (so we came back up to the ridge). There's only two lines through the cliffs (that I've found) and they're both hard - each time I've skied them there's been mandatory air. Currently, they are thin WI2!
  11. Skied the eastern side of the bowl below the North Face several times on the weekend - steep solid snow and lots of it.
  12. For Gott Peaks area: the much better access on skis is via Channel Creek, which is the next creek to the east of Blowdown (before Gott Cr). A good road in light 4x4 condition leads to a cutblock that gives easy access to the lakes to the south. The tour through the valley up to and past these lakes is excellent, and the highest lake is a suberb campsite. A 8300ft peak with a small glacier on its N side is an excellent ski - we also skied off the 8700 ft peak just to the north. The area is a little far to climb Gott Peak itself, but the approach to the alpine is far shorter when the Blowdown road isn't driveable. Last weekend I measured 210cm at 5500 ft in Marriott Basin, so there should be plenty of snow. No hot springs, though!
  13. "Don't worry about dyno-ing for the palms only sloper during this rainstorm, I carefully placed these ice tools to puncture your legs when you come off!!"
  14. Was up on the Duffey Lake road on the weekend (Marriott Basin) - 45cm new on a 210cm base at 5500ft!! Face shots!!
  15. Or aliens are landing on Ama Dablam
  16. "Dammit, Clinton had it much better than this..."
  17. Ponzini

    real life MILF

    I knew there was something missing in my upbringing! Dad would have loved it....
  18. Anyone want to go climbing this weekend? I'm awesome at everything, 5.12c, WI6+, A5 etc.....
  19. I'd guess "Cliff just north of Harrison Hot Springs shortly before the road turns to gravel" or possibly "Let's climb this while we wait for the Old Settler pub to open"
  20. To pretty up your home: You could use old draws to hang plant baskets.... Old hexes would make a kick-ass windchime..... A well placed screw in fat drywall would be a nice picture hanger....
  21. The Cleveland Dam overflow. Gapers (like me) can TR it with a 200m rope! Will that be in the new guide Dru?!
  22. "Check out this rebar teepee that I stole from the Stupid Art Store. By the way, here's $10 for that goatee-growing competition that you won".
  23. You got it. North Ridge on the right - a pleasent scramble.
  24. It took 8 hours from the end of the Kwoiek Cr road to a good camp a little NW of Kwoiek Peak. 2 people with lighter (ie 3 day) packs could do it in 5 hours. Although I think some of the Kwioek Cr bridges have been pulled, the creeks should be drivable with a good 4X4, making this access way faster than Log Creek.
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