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  1. plane wreckage on Mt. Washington ?

    Hmmm.....nice. So to follow your example, next time I'll post an internet link that may or may not be reliable, or however you put it.
  2. plane wreckage on Mt. Washington ?

    The wreckage at the yellow x and blue field is that of a Navy PV-1 Ventura that crashed on May 14th, 1943 with the loss of the entire crew of five. Not sure what to make of the stuff in the red field posted by PChaus.
  3. plane wreckage on Mt. Washington ?

    Nice pic Pchaus. Friend of mine just informed me that a Navy PV-1 Ventura crashed on NE side of the mountain on May 14th, 1943 with the loss of the entire crew of five. I think that corresponds to the red area on your map. Case closed, it seems.
  4. plane wreckage on Mt. Washington ?

    Thanks John, yep that's the one. Capt. Lucas. not to be confused with the F-102s that provided wreckage over by the Burke range. The search for Lucas was in the Skokomish valley (due to faint SAR beacon beeping) but the flight path was north of there over the Hoh, where it vanished from radar. if anyone knows of the location of plane wreckage on west/north side of Washington, let me know. I havent been able to find a confirmed source for that.
  5. Anyone seen any? I read a brief note elsewhere that suggested there was some wreckage on the west side of Mt. Washington. Haven't been able to find any other official or unofficial reports to that effect. This relates to past investigation I've been involved with re: a downed F-102 from 1962. Evidence for it's final resting place is all over.... from Mt. Tom creek to the entire span of the southern Olympics: Wonder Mt/Skokomish area, etc. Needle in haystack.
  6. [TR] Mt Lincoln - route 2 8/21/2011

    Very cool, I've often eyed that spur trail off the main Skok trail, thanks for scouting. Sounds like overall it's pretty much a non-tech slog up to the top. Any idea if a route over towards Wagonwheel would make a good exit?
  7. Royal Basin Conditions

    Looked pretty snowy from Gray Wolf ridge last weekend
  8. Almost a 5 year old TR but I figured I'd ask for more detail on that approach to mt Tom.
  9. old jet crash

    This guy is searching for jet crash site from 1962, SE Olympics. He is seeking help in his search: http://www.nwhikers.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=11426&start=0
  10. Very cool! How is the route to Dodger point? Straight-forward? Tricky?
  11. Nice job! What did the ranger have to say, prior to your start and then upon return?
  12. Jaberwocky Ridge? Hagen Lakes Traverse

    Sounds like a great trip. You got over to Elk basin by tracking around the lakes? Interesting, I tried that but stayed high on ridges above lakes: http://www.nwhikers.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=15267&highlight=hagen+lake Didnt make it there in a day...but close.
  13. Thing about those expedition accounts that amuses me is when the parties come upon hunter huts and other signs that others have gone there before .... for some time. Quinalt tribe pubs point out that inner Olympics were trade routes for many years. I'm not dismissing what they did, just think that they got a lot of press and hoopla, and made it harder than it could have been. I mean, trying to raft up the Elwha? pfffft.
  14. You mentioned Mt Lincoln .... I'm curous about that trip. Did you go from east or west. From N Fk Skok trail?