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  1. Very lightly used boots (2 trips) in excellent condition. Insoles not included. PM or comment for more information. (
  2. yellow airplane... I'll bet thats Scurlock
  3. ??!!!! Whats this "Three Strikes Law" ?! Prison FOR LIFE?!! this really does suck...
  4. Great job, What a good day to climb! spectacular weather!
  5. Yeah, thought about it, but didn't have enough time...
  6. Went up there on July 19th and 20th. Conditions just in case anyones interested, sorry no photos: A lot of snow! They say melting is 5 and a half weeks behind! Some snow begins from about .3 - .5 miles past the lower meadows (snowfree campsites). Royal lake is not frozen over and there are some snowfree campsites. Past royal lake theres pretty much continual snow. Not many people have gone up there really. Routes on the surrounding peaks are pretty much in early season condition.
  7. Thanks! Im just curious because im thinking about the traverse from snoqualmie to red (or kendall).
  8. Does anyone know how much snow is up there (like around snoqualmie mountain, lundin peak, snow lake, that area)? Thanks
  9. Ok, that pretty much answers the question, thanks.
  10. I didnt' quite know where to put this post, so as it is a question about a route, whatever... Do you need glacier travel gear for this route or not?
  11. SLJ

    Spring Sierras

    looking pretty wintery then... kinda what I feared
  12. SLJ

    Spring Sierras

    Whats it like in spring? Access? Snowpack? Good routes? Or is it just not the right time. Thanks
  13. SLJ

    Alpine Climbing

    by the way, how can i get that awesome flame thing next to this topic? we've totally out posted that doctor stuff or whatever, but yet we have no fire? no fair... no fair.
  14. SLJ

    Alpine Climbing

    im hoping, partly for the sake of your argument, pcg, that the picture mitochondria posted didn't happen to be the summit of that "Sweet Blue bomber ice" mount hood!
  15. SLJ

    Alpine Climbing

    pcg, i guess what you mean is that mount hood is not a noob climb?
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