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  1. I'm looking for people that want to climb midweek/longer sep17-sep23, or even next week. I'm in NYC now but have the next few weeks off and I'm looking to do some climbing and willing to travel. I'm thinking moderate alpine ice/rock in the cascades. I'm also thinking the tetons, BC rockies, and maybe sierras/mexico. I've got rack/rope and access to car in the north east, but will fly anywhere and rent a car. I can lead 5.7-5.8, WI 3+, follow 5.10/WI 4+. I would also do non tehcnical climbs since I really just want to get outside for a while. Not sure what is in condition now or will be then but am pretty flexible. -Peter
  2. mid week partners next week (21-26th)

    yeah - I like rock, but this time of year I prefer skiing. Already have a partner though, so maybe next time I'm out here
  3. mid week partners next week (21-26th)

    The skiing has been amazing...the ice sucked. Tried to get up shuksan NF this past weekend and nothing was frozen. However, it was however all corn and I was wishing for skis, but the approach with skis would suck so much right now. I definitely got ultra lucky with the weather, have only been here for a week, and already skiied st helens/hood, climbed at smith, and tried shuksan. Of everything so far (bit of ice, rock, and skiing), I would say the skiing has been by far the best.
  4. June 12th, Ski From Summit of Mt. Hood

    Climb/Skied it yesterday. In a rather lazy start, I headed out from timberline at 11. Got to the top around 3 and it was amazing corn the whole way down. I was really amazed that it remained corn nearly the whole way down.
  5. St Helens ski now?

    It was mostly slush when I did it last monday. From the summit to 7k was solid, but below that was 2+ ft of slush. It might have been a function of the recent weather, but compared to other stuff I have done it was a pretty absurd amount of slush the whole way down.
  6. Am looking for partners next week for anything. Skiied hood/st helens this week and did some rock at smith, so I am looking to do some alpine ice/rock next week. Am thinking something in boston basin. Anybody interested? PM if interested - I will not be responding until sunday night since I am off to do something this weekend on rainier or shuksan.
  7. Mt Adams north side ski/climb

    I ended up skiing st helens/hood + rock climbing at smith instead. My partners were not up for st helens, hood, AND adams in 5 days... I think I am going to try to go out and do it solo next week if I cannot find a partner. How are the crevasses on the summit/shrunds on the different routes? I was thinking of climbing up the north ridge, then skiing it down or something else that was relatively crevasse free (or if everything seems sketch...run up the south side). Alternatively...if anyone wants to have a climb/ski next week...PM me!
  8. Most lives?

    Everyone here seems to forget the alps... My guess is Mt Blanc has by far the highest in pure #s, I saw somewhere that over 100 die every year. 100 per year, and that has probably been going on for a while, so potentially thousands have died on mt blanc. I think maybe for ratio, some peak in the soviet union? All those russian hardmen climbing up with crappy gear on beastly mountains probably leads to pretty high attempt/death ratios. I would bet on pobeda...that peak has a 3 mi ridge at 7k which is buffeted by winds, so given a ill-prepared party it could be pretty easy to die up there.
  9. Are there any good climb/ski combinations on the north side of adams? Was thinking a climb up adams glacier or stormy, but what would be a good moderate descent? The guy I'm with has not done any glacial skiing so I want something that is pretty easy on the way down. If there is nothing - what about the south side? I know that has good skiing, but all of the climbing looks like a slog...
  10. St Helens ski now?

    Is St Helens any good for skiing now? I want to run up it next monday and was wondering if I should bother bringing skis. I am enough of a ski bum to haul the skis up for only a short ski, but not if it there are no continuous patches of snow.
  11. [TR] Mt. Shuksan- Sulphide Glacier 6/5/2004

    Identical thing happened to me last year at the same time too. The "trail" is impossible to find when the snow is there without any tracks. Picture what you did only with skis on your back and bushwhacking with rando boots. I actually am probably a bit of a freak to say this...but I actually enjoyed the bushwhack out. It felt good to dish out some pain to the alder/devil's club with the big old rando boots after having suffered on the way up (which was also a bushwhack...did not do a very good job of finding the trail that trip)
  12. I'm looking for a partner for anytime (or all of) June 14-27th. I am pretty much up for anything, anywhere (including SA, went to bolivia last summer), alps, canada, anything really. I am looking to do long moderate routes, like shuksan NF, buckner NF, forbidden, possibly something on rainier like mowich face/liberty ridge (or similar type of routes elsewhere). Also a partner who wants to combine climbing with skiing would be even more ideal... PM me if interested -Peter
  13. june july rock/alpine partner wanted

    fester - check your pms
  14. Climbing/Skiing recommendations next week

    We were thinking to do 2 2 day trips, so those recommendations could work. Is the tahoma glacier a good winter climb? I'm curious, given really medium crappy conditions, what are some good ridge climbs that don't have much avy danger? (If conditions are total crap, we'll drive until we get to rock someplace or ski inbounds)
  15. I'm a gumby from NYC and am heading out to the cascades next wednesday for 4 days. I was wondering what people would recommend based on current conditions/ feasiblity approach (More based on how close you can actually drive to the climb). I am going with two other guys and we are up for nearly anything. We would ideally like something that involves a long moderate snow/ice climb, or a ski traverse. To give you an idea we're thinking Shuksan NF/Baker north ridge/ coleman, or gib ledges depending on conditions. Any other ideas? Also, if the climb happens to be nearish to a brewery at the bottom...that would be perfect! We've been out to the seattle breweries, but we could stand to hit up some of the local breweries. Since we're only 3 guys, we're also looking for someone else to join us if they want, PM me if interested