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  1. No Snow!!!

    I can't wait to see the reactions of others if there's a total loss of all snow below 7000 feet. Now that would be impressive. Hell, there's allready been lots of rain. Why not, let the El Nino do a CLEEEEEEAAAAAAN Sweep of all snow, maybe it will mean a record snowfall season in the near future.
  2. SWEET Forecast!!!

    Checked out the National Weather Service forcast and calling for 15000+ freezing levels Saturday-Monday. Hot dang, that's higher than the Summer time. Forget the skis, I say we have a summertime like barbeque on the top of Rainier!!
  3. this weather sucks

    It's coming, the warmth and the sun!!! Can't let those teaser storms fool us. It's the hot Septembers and Octobers that are followed by the epic winters. Patience will have it's rewards.
  4. Oregon Climatologists Forecast Wet/Cold Winter

    Aahhh, warm and dry!! That means no Snow. Oh darn, guees we'll have to wait till March. Maybe even next year! Bring on the sun if not the snow.
  5. Need suggestion

    South side of Mt. Hood. Summiting is optional depending on conditions and experience.
  6. 5 must skis in the PNW

    Hell yeah!!!!
  7. Help! East coast skiing

    Snowshoe Ski Resort in West Virginia is probably your best bet for close proximity. Or you can venture up to Vermont, that's where supposedly the better ski areas are. I too am in the same boat. I could be back in the PNW but nooooooooo, will have to make due with the resorts they have in NC Man made snow at it's finest! 6" of loose sugary snow on top of moguly slush and ice.
  8. Can you feel it?

    Now, that's what I call cheap.
  9. Wrestling *DELETED* *DELETED*

    Post deleted by dmiller

    This weekend's gotta be good. Take advatage of them Freshiez before they melt. Otherwise it could be until November and then begins the Season of the name RATBOY. I know how they came up with that name for some skier up at Alpental. In a Nutshell: He has a big nose, if he got in a fight he's got nothing to loose. He's nose would become bigger or he'd have a double nose. He has crooked teeth. So what if he lost a few teeth in a wrestling match he might look better and his jaw is indented. He looks like a RAT!!! So they decided to call him Ratboy. Don't like that, well that gives him and all else to take advantage of the freshiez in the true BC and avoid the circus like environment of a ski area.

    New Snow!!!! Darn I was just beginning to enjoy the Summer weather. Snow can wait Bring the sun back. All this new snow will melt anyhow. Pray for sun, I can't take this rain anymore We're still months away from the dreaded opening of THE PASS. Land of the fake ships. What the Fauck am I doing here in this State?
  12. Crystal Expansoin

    Let's face it, speed limits, stop signs, traffic lights, lanes, police officers, (POLICE SKI PATROL) yes, armed and with a badge. Not to mention skier rage. It's gonna happen. Ski areas are going to become like our roadways! WE DON'T NEED MORE FREAKIN LIFTS!!!! If we wanna ski it, hike or climb for it.
  13. 8k trip buddies

    There's more to winning and altitude acclimization then just hard work and paying money. Look up VO2 max on the web and brouse through the articles you find. Some may surprise you. With the average elites VO2 max being above 80ml/kg/mn, mine tested at 53.7. Given these figures that can explain one reason why winning is hard for some as well as acclimization. Matt Carpenter's VO2 max is 90+ that's how he can jog at a 8 minute pace uphill at 14,000 feet. I figure he could do Raineer roundtrip car to car in under 4 hours with a moderate pack on.
  14. 8k trip buddies

    " Winners never quit Quitters never win but if you never win and never quit then you're a moron" That's if you have a VO2 max of over 80ml/kg/mn that is a measurement of how efficiently your body can use oxygen. 80 is considered elite. Average Joe is around 40
  15. Seems like someone here thinks there to good for the rest of us. All's I've got to say is 400 feet of turns and a Slush Cup party sounds pretty dang fun to me. I'm sure I'll be there!!!