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  1. [TR] Alaska Range - Peak 11,300 4/22/2010

    The flight in with TAT was great, can't beat thee 100 yard hike to base camp. Here is a link to our pictures. http://community.webshots.com/slideshow/577845175ehuNUP?mediaPosition=1 I think Kevin and I were the two east coast guys, we're both from New Hampshire. Congrats again.
  2. [TR] Alaska Range - Peak 11,300 4/22/2010

    So your are the guys I owe beer to. I climbed the route with Kevin Mahoney with AMS, we started up the route April 27th. Those trenches were incredible. What an awesome route. Thanks again for all the effort.
  3. Denali Attempt

    Summitted on June 5th. There was about a half a dozen pickets from 17,200 camp to Denali Pass.