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  1. Not to be picky but if you angled up to the left from the hogsback like the tracks in the picture that would be the the Old Chute route (the West Crater Rim goes left of Crater Rock down low and joins up to finish up the Old Chute. Not that it matters, good on you for getting out while I was sipping gin & tonics!

  2. Any opinions (always opinions, especially interested in what you don't like) on a good second tool for alpine steep snow, getting over the bershrund, occasional ice, pounding pickets? Was thinking of Aztarex or Light Wing. I like the light weight idea, but do you give up too much in function?

  3. Looking for current information on where you can park overnight for a winter trip to the South Sister (if it ever stops raining/snowing). Dutchman Flat?, somewhere at Mt. Bachelor? I've seen conflicting info. on whether you can park overnight at these areas, and would prefer not finding a piece of paper on the windshield upon returning.

  4. I'm trying to like up some boots for Denali, with warmth (and fit) being key (along with weight and cost, of course). Options I'm looking at: 1) Koflach Artis Expe, 2) Koflach Degre with Intuition liners, 3) the new Vasque Ice 9000. Any thoughts on how warm the Intuition liners compare to the Arctis Expe's liners, and if the Vasques (which are supposed to be very light and warm) are worth going through the extra trouble of mail order to get?

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