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  1. Biggest SandBag [Local Route]

    Hemp Liberation at Smith is a sandbag. Dude musta been ripp'd when he rated that.
  2. Snaffle Deliverance

    ...and seeds are poppin' outa dat spliff! Clean your shit, Stoney!
  3. Accomplish another name or accept a ban?

    Getting an alter ego is easy as pie. Just use same password, and think of something no-one else has.
  4. Lucky Canadians

    maybe the chron will chill those super aggro mofos the hell out. get the passive aggresive nation hooked on cheetos.
  5. Lucky Canadians

    ...puffin in peace... Herbz Thread!!!
  6. Areas with good beginner cracks?

    This site is so cool. I just signed up. Good information!