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  1. Mt Hood climber Fall Today?

    Mark Cartier. Totally bummed and can only imagine how devastated the family must be. Mark has been part of the Oregon climbing community for many, many years. Early 70's onwards.
  2. Wind Mountain

    Wayne Haack and I along with a few others (Charlie Priest, John Tyerman) worked on a route heading for the big corner high on buttress facing West???. (mid 70's) A number of attempts with lots of poison oak, bad rock, moss climbing and soiled pants but we never made it to the corner. Somebody should retrieve our gear. JBD
  3. Oregon Bolt Replacement

    I upgraded a number of the anchor bolts on Abaxas a few years back... probably 8 years ago or so. From the top down new anchors at all locations except the anchor at top of pitch one. 1/2" x 4-5" with Metolius rap hangers and some with welded chain links from Dan Carlson (orig. owner of Redpoint). At the time I was intending to clean up the entire route with the idea that it deserves to get more traffic as the rock is quite good and the exposure is superb. I may have added some protection bolts at fixed pin locations but cannot recall all the details at this time. Did a bit of cleaning and changed the anchor location for the big pitch up the Dogleg crack. It is now at a natural stance at very start of this wild pitch. Did not replace the hanging belay part way up Dogleg as that would not be used in a free ascent and could problaby be removed. From what I remember a quick scrub and maybe another bolt or two and this would be quite possibly the best multi-pitch route in the park outside of the Monk.
  4. System Wall

    Pro built system wall. Welded steel frame, adjustable angle, approx. 8' wide X 10' tall, holds included. Will need to be transported from Bend, OR.