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  1. Black Diamond Camalots for Sale

    Bump! 3.5 is gone.
  2. Black Diamond Camalots for Sale Sizes: .3, .4, .5, .75, 1, 2, 3, 3.5, 4 $200 for the whole lot or $25 for .3 through 3 $35 for 3.5 and 4 They all are in working order. They should be reslung before use.
  3. Exit 38 on 7/31

    Partner found! Maybe next week Peter?
  4. Exit 38 on 7/31

    I'm looking for a midweek partner for cragging. I have weekdays off. I'm looking to get out at 38 starting in the early afternoon, but after work is fine. I'm happy leading 5.8 thru 5.10. This summer I've been climbing mountains and would like to get strong on the rock for a trip to Yosemite in the fall.
  5. Weekday partner

    I'm looking for a weekday partner. This week I'm off Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I'm a 5.10ish climber, happy doing mellow trad.
  6. Hey All: Thursday evening (9/6) I'm headed over to Leavenworth to wake up Friday morning and do a day run from Snow Lakes TH to Stuart Lake trailhead. I'm planning on going solo, but it would be great to have a partner. Running/fast hiking. Light is right.
  7. Hello, I am a Tacoma climber headed to the Alps in June. I'm flying in and out of Paris and will be in Europe for 20 days. I plan on spending at least a week in the mountains, probably Chamonix, but I'm open to suggestions. If I end up being solo I may do the tour de mound blanc, but I'd love to find a partner and do something technical. If anyone has advice or will be in Europe and is looking for a partner, please drop me a line. Thanks.
  8. Kiss my Discovery Pass

    I don't want to pay to park my car at a trailhead and go for a hike-- philosophically I disagree with user fees. But I understand that in this recession there is a budget crisis in every state government and the Republican "let's make gov't smaller and just cut everywhere that we can" philosophy just doesn't work. What are user fees? I don't have children-- I don't want to pay for schools. How does that sit with you, Fairweather? Is that the same thing as saying I don't live in King County so I don't want to pay for the 520 Bridge? I live a healthy lifestyle so I don't want to pay for some obese smoker's medicaid expenses... I have a good job so why do I have to pay for some lazy person to be on unemployment? I don't like football so I don't want to pay for the building of Quest Field. I don't read books so they should just close all the libraries, or make people pay to use them. Hmmm.... Interestingly, I just got my fishing license and I got a parking pass with it. It came with a "Discover Pass" yellow pass holder, but the pass insert was only for Fish and Wildlife Land. It cost me over $60 dollars, because I didn't turn in my crabbing catch record last fall. To me, that's a lot of money to pay to go crabbing and catch a few salmon. I feel like if I'm paying $60 for this license then I should get a Discover Pass for free. I will go out and buy my $30 Discover Pass. I don't want the hassle of a ticket. I won't really notice it in my monthly budget. I think people who can't afford the $30/yr aren't going out to hike/climb/fish, they are either working at minimum wage or they are unemployed and don't have a ride to the mountains. There isn't much public transportation to the mtns, you know.
  9. sizing T2Xs

    So I just bought a pair of Scarpa T2Xs. I have been skiing in a pair of 10 year old T1s (all black) and am really excited about new lighter boots. I've been teleing for about 20 years, get out about about 60 days a winter, both back country and lift service. I bought them at REI and the ski shop guy tried to convince me NOT to heat mold them to my feet. He said just to wear the liners around the house for a while and let my body heat do the heat molding. He said this is what the reps recommend and this way I'll get more life out of the boot by reducing any "packing out" that might happen. What do you guys think of this? Also, I wear a size 10 and the mondo 27 seemed really tight. I ordered a 28 so I could try it on, just to see which fit better. What size are other guys who wear 10s wearing? As a side bar, I was slightly frustrated with REI with this deal. First off, the boots were on sale-30% off at $389 and I did the free shipping thing to the Tacoma store. Then I got an email saying there was an additional 20% off all REI Outlet ski gear, so when I went to the store I wanted to see what they could do. Basically, I had to return the boots I bought that were in my hands, go home and order them again in order to get them for $311. A great deal for sure, but I thought is was corporate BS, not co-op commonsense. They said it was an online sale, not a store sale, and they couldn't apply the 20% off to previous sales. The reality check was the fact that I bought the boots online, I was standing in the store at the register with them in my hand and the 20% coupon in my hand and they couldn't do anything for me. Since I wasn't sure that the mondo 27 really fit my foot the correct way, I went home and ordered 2 pairs-- a 27 and a 28. I figured I'd try both on in the store and keep the ones that fit. REI Tacoma doesn't carry any tele gear and the sales rep suggested I go to Backpackers on S Tacoma Way to try on boots. Again, disappointing. So in the end I will buy 3 pairs of this boot, only to keep one that fits and gives me the price that they are offering.
  10. Red Rocks Nov 3/4

    I've got plans to be there from Nov 12 to the 18th. Would love to meet up with some other PNWers.
  11. RIP Ryan Triplett 1977 - 2008

    I climbed with Ryan a few times over the years. He was always so happy and he made everyone around him happy. Keep climbing up, brother.
  12. WTB: Alpinist Magazine

    How much is a #0 worth?
  13. stuart lake trailhead to snow lakes run

    I want to do this! As soon as my blisters heal!
  14. Hey, I climbed Bonanza this week too, but did it from a totally different approach. I hiked up to Hart Lake and climbed a Southeast Buttress just west of the big waterfall. I climbed up through the trees to the ridgeline and then up and along the ridge to the summit. I believe I did the approach for the NF of the SW Peak--Soviet Route as described in the Beckey Guide. Then I climbed the SW Arete, summiting both Peak 8599 and the SW Peak 9320. I descended a coulior towards North Star Mountain and then back down through much slide alder and agony to the valley floor. Saw a bear on the SW flanks of Bonanza! I was staying at Holden Village and did the round trip in 11 hours. The rest of the week I spent fishing at Hart and Holden Lakes-- lots of trout! What an amazing place!
  15. Tacoma Climbing Co-op. . .

    very cool very cool... I'm in Tacoma, but I'm not very motivated. Been climbing 5.10 for about 12 years... just don't have the bug to get after 5.12. would love to hear how it turns out. I do have a killer garage for it-- 3 car with a loft.