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  1. Ice Tools: Carbon Fiber Black Prophets Bent Shaft

    still have the tools?
  2. awesomest ice climbing vid evar111!

    Some fool is going to think that, that is a good idea and die trying. Darwins theory in action I guess but it seems a little irresponsible albeit funny as hell.
  3. Scarpa Omegas warm enough for AK

    AMF will be back up soon from what I hear. Something about renewing the site with the company that hosts it.
  4. Replace frontpoints

    There is a website from England or Wales that still has some. http://www.needlesports.com/acatalog/Mail_Order_Crampons_32.html
  5. Scarpa Omegas warm enough for AK

    I think that they would be warm enough. But do they fit your feet? They are such a low volume boot that they don't fit most people. But if they do fit your feet you should wait till next year to get them, a little bird (scarpa rep) told me that they are going to have intuition liners in next years model. BTW. shouldn't this post be on www.alaskamountainforum.com ?
  6. WTB: Three pin leather boots

    I have some size 13 Asolo's that I could get rid of too big for you though.
  7. Kajitax picks

    I have a set of Kajitax Specialist Mark II's that I am thinking about new picks for apparently they are no longer made. I'm thinking maybe a slightly modified Trango pick would work with the vertical 2 bolt configuration. Any ideas or anyone have a set of Kajitax picks or Trango picks that I could experiment with laying around would be much appreciated.
  8. Good tools for Vertical and Alpine ice

    I really like my petzl aztarex's they are super light swing well and I've used them on alpine and waterfall here in Alaska. Maybe its because I'm big but the light weight doesn't affect my swing much. They stick on the first or second swing in hard brittle cold ice.
  9. Oregon coast bouldering?

    I am coming down to seattle/oregon coast in mid-may and I am trying to find out if there is any climbing around seaside/cannon beach area interested mostly in boulders because I've got no partner