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  1. Dog Food?

  2. HOLY SHIT! It's snowing in Eugene!

    I missed all the snow because I was stuck inside due to work.
  3. MICROSOFT!! :anger:

  4. brand name babies

    Got this from your link. I think it was from a list of responses to actual posts on a BB: "I was thinking of naming my son Toolio. Does anyone know the origin on that one? ---[Jane] DeSac Toolio DeSac. Boy, can't think of any way that kid'll get picked on. That's one taunt-proof name there!"
  5. Big Baby

    The likeness is uncanny!
  6. Our Next Impotent Failure

  7. Where the hell is everybody?

  8. What if Bush didn't win?

    And Bush didn't win, you fucking git. So it looks like the answer to your question is that if he didn't win, he'd just swindle his way into office. I was waiting for some one to put that out. DFA you're my new hero!
  9. Spare some change?

  10. Where the hell is everybody?

    Teddy grahams! My son loves those.
  11. Bizarre Movies

    Hmmm..... I don't know this movie.
  12. Bizarre Movies

  13. Where the hell is everybody?

    So...I'm guessing that's a no.