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  1. Great TR, I'm totally inspired! I have a 3.5 month old daughter and I can hardly wait to take her on a mountain trip (though I realize it'll be a while) Sorry the ratings seemed off, it's hard to get them all right. Cheers, Matt
  2. The Canadian Avalanche Centre, in conjunction with Simon Fraser University, is seeking survey participants for a study on out-of-bounds avalanche decision making. Findings from the study will be used to develop tools for communicating avalanche risk and assisting out-of-bounds decisions making. The study includes an online survey with questions about experience and background, typical skiing/riding partners, perceptions of avalanches and ski patrol and an interactive ‘pick a run’ exercise. All participants will be entered in a prize draw for: • One Ortovox S1 avalanche transceivers • Two Black Diamond AvaLung backpacks At the conclusion of the study interested participants will be emailed a personal analysis sheet that includes a comparison of your avalanche hazard consideration to other study participants. The survey can be found at: http://www.outbounds.rem.sfu.ca Your support for study would be much appreciated. Please pass the link onto to anyone you know who would be suitable for this study.
  3. Yep, that's the spot. Have you been through there before, Matt? Edit: I just looked on your TR page, and saw that you went around clockwise a couple of years ago. Did you have any issues skiing down that slope? Whoops, delayed reply, it's been a crazy week... I'm not 100% sure where the slide happened, but I think we crossed that slope as we descended from a col above it. I don't remember the slope being as wind affected, the snow was reasonable for a few turns. Is this the slope that slid on you? (our descent is marked with by the red line). I can't tell from you photos if this is the slope that slid, or if it was further to skiers right, which would be this slope: Thanks for posting the info about your experience, it's a great reminder for us all not to get complacent even when hazard is low or moderate. Cheers, Matt Edit: After looking at the picts of the slide more I think the slide occurred on the slope in the second picture, climbers left of where we descended.
  4. Hey jordo, quick question for you. Did the slide happen somewhere around 305836?
  5. Wow, crazy story! Thanks a ton for sharing it, it's a great reminder to play safe. Glad you guys are all ok. Matt
  6. Good times in the south coast 2006-2007: Wedge Couloir Steep Creek Steep Creek Birthday Chute Area Birthday Chute
  7. thanks a ton for the beta and photos! it looks great and I appreciate the info. cheers! matt
  8. Nice TR and picts. How hard is the crux? how would the route be without rockshoes? matt
  9. I emailed as per the post. thanks for setting this up. matt
  10. Any one have any more specific details regarding this accident? I'd like to get in touch with someone from the injured party if possible. If anyone has any contact info please send to me a message. Thanks, Matt
  11. Anyone know how far up the Ashlu Main road you can drive right now? I'd like to get up to Shortcut Creek area this weekend.
  12. thanks for the info don, it sounds tricky. It's probably not a ski route for me. matt
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