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  1. Video Training

    Thank you for your insight. Maybe I'll try producing a demo video and see if it's received well enough to produce more. Josh
  2. Touching the Void question...

    He made a hard choice, but I believe it was the right one. Either one of them dies, or both of them dies. In the end they both survived, but that was astronomical luck and, I believe, a little help from God. The movie was very well done, and one of my favorites. The Everest film (www.everestfilm.com) is another great one, but I wouldn't let these movies scare you too much. :-)
  3. The Chronicles of Mountain Dew (Month 1)

    Great job Mountain Dew. All this activity from an "overweight" guy, makes me feel really lazy. Now I'm going to have to get out and do some climbing to make up for it. :-) I look forward to following your progress. At this rate you will be ready to summit Rainier in no time. Good luck, Josh
  4. Video Training

    Mountain Dew: Have you bought Freedom yet? If so, what are some of the things you are having a harder time grasping? Would video help in those areas? What sort of format would be most helpful Mountain Dew? I'm leaning toward an online format, but I'm open to anything at this point. Does anyone have any other ideas of video productions that would be helpful for alpine climbers? Video route guides? Fitness training? How to pee into the CORRECT Nalgene, in the dark, in your bivy, when it's freezing cold and the wind is trying to rip you off the mountain? You are free to tell me this is a dumb idea. Like they say in business, find a market for your product before you make a product. Thanks, Josh
  5. Video Training

    When I started climbing I bought a copy of Freedom of the Hills like everybody else. I read it cover to cover and thought I had a pretty good handle on what to expect, but it took several times out with experienced climbers to really connect what I read to what I saw them doing. I looked around to see if I could find some sort of DVD or video training online and came up empty. Now that I've been climbing awhile (though I still consider myself a newbie) I've been thinking of creating something myself. I would focus on things that rely on visual comprehension. Watch someone place protection. Learn to tie knots without funny diagrams. How to self arrest on various types of snow. Would anyone be interested in something like that? And if so, what format would be most useful? DVD, on-line video, downloadable iPod video guides? This certainly wouldn't replace Freedom, but would help to fill in some of the visual gaps. Ok, now you can tell me it's a crazy idea. :-) Thanks, Josh
  6. Freshies in the Wallowas

    Where in the Wallowas was this? I was just up there two weeks ago and it was warm and sunny. I am waiting for snow! Josh
  7. Keeping the rope taught on glacier travel

    Thanks sobo that's very helpful. I will definitely pay attention to my rope slack in crevasse areas.
  8. Caving?

    Where are the mines? Is there anything in SE WA? Josh Gesler
  9. Gregory Palisade Waist Belt

    Does anyone know where to buy a waist belt for a Palisade? I have a Med pack but I want a small belt (I have a small waist). I can't seem to be able to find anything. Thanks, Josh Gesler
  10. Boots, Crampons & Stove

    I'll take the stove if you could ship it to me. I live in Walla Walla. I'll gladly pay for the shipping. Let me know. Josh Gesler
  11. Motorola Talkabout n stuff

    Is the whisperlite the international? Where are you located? and what would it cost to ship to Walla Walla, WA?
  12. Hydrophobic chalk

    You could use those silicon packets that come in the box with electronics equipment.
  13. converting cubic inches to cubic litres

    Here you go! Convet-me
  14. First time on hood

    So if I wait until June it isn't going to become undoable? I am asking because I am going to be in Seattle for the next month in training so it won't be until June that I have a free weekend. Plus I need to buy some more gear and find a pard'ner for the climb. Anyone want to head up there some weekend in June and let a noob tag along?
  15. First time on hood

    I have never climbed hood but I would like to do it this year. Someone was telling me that Hood is an early season climb. How early does one need to do it? Is waiting until June not a good idea?