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  1. To chalk or not to chalk?!?!

    Chalk bag as codpiece. Dude, be careful not to pull the drawstring too tight. It limits circulation. Excellent plug for my Kerochalk brand of waterproof chalk. Scary new horizon, though, too. Trask has probably bred at this stage so there is no Darwin Award angle, however, I will add Nonoxynol-9 to the formula.
  2. what's your ghetto name, yo?

    Vivacious Cwac Cwac...gay Puerto Rican pro wrestler
  3. Hey mountie bashers

    SHIT you know the bitch too! Salted dry roasted, right? Well, at least she has that quick busy tongue...
  4. Glacier Glasses

    I wear Rx glasses. I got my 1st pair of Rx glacier glasses in '79. The tint was a very neat rddish-purple. I was doing a lot of LSD at the time and it fit well. One day on a glacier I was roping up. (NO, LSD was NOT in use that day!) We had 2 rope teams. Our ropes looked entirely different but both had purples, reds, and oranges in them. I tied into the wrong rope and even when someone called bullshit on it I could not tell the diff between the 2 ropes. Scared the hell out of me. I immediately had another pair made by a diiferent provider.
  5. Adventures in group dynamics

    You're confusing a Type A---a driven, high-energy, focused person---with an emotional moron or a someone with a personality disorder. Type A's are workaholics, not screaming jerks. A Type A's inclination to be frustrated with stasis or other's inertia doesn't mean the Type A will react like a freakin asswipe. Dryad's "person A" lacks emotional intelligence & has some sort of degenerate social maladaption.
  6. Stove Diagnostics

    Send it back to MSR & let them overhaul it.
  7. Hey mountie bashers

    Reminds me of my future ex-fiancee. I knew sumpthin was up when I found peanuts tucked between the mattress and box spring.
  8. God Bless the NRA

    Blood makes the rock all slippery and hard to climb. Perhaps the PERFECT testing-ground for A7U-brand 12 gauge hydrophobic chalkshells. "Dryit then climit" we say down at the ol' KeroChalk factory. Of course, even the Mounties might have a member trained in service rifle competition. Worst thing you could do for yourself is bring fire on a target upslope from your pos. CBS, I love ya man, we can disagree on guns but still get along about climbing. I think.
  9. A Day of Strange Occurrences

    Fuckin' Canadians. They're the cause of most of it. Snakes get respiratory diseases, you know that? Kills 'em deader than a doornail. You see a snake sneeze, man it's a goner, dead in minutes. Brown University doesn't have a chemistry dept. Dan Whoitt went to Brown, lying twerp. Weirdo. Only weirdos go to Brown. My h.s. steady g/f went to Brown. Bitch. Hope a snake sneezed on her. No, wait, that dint come out right. Halperodol reminds be of baratol, that's compound B what blew up the plutonium in the bomb that blew up Nagasaki. So you see, sneezing snakes sell the drugs that blow up whole cities. man it's hot in here

    'mesmerizing' after Anton Mesmer, conjurer Do not let Dave Schuldt do your spellchecking, CBS.
  11. My First Time on Da Toof

    Ken Hahn?
  12. P.S. "keep clam" not a typo to Seattle folks---Whoitt may be a Cap'n Puget/J P Patches kind of guy anyway...the "kook" in a Pac NW Kookla-Fran-and Ollie kiddie joke show
  13. We know who gets the top bunk. But I'm sure it doesn't bother J.C., he renders to Wowitt what Wowitt needs to keep clam without his meds.
  14. Self Loading Camming Devices

    I also own only self-loaders. The cheaper and some of the older ones jam easily. When that happens, they hang. Lowering and cycling the action may clear the jam. Then you can send the target. Better-quality self-loaders have 2-stage triggers that can be adjusted to respond to very light inputs, so light that extensive practice under controlled "gym" conditions are required before you can release them under field conditions with any chance of sending the target. However, with careful, intentional practice, it may be possible to send a single 3,000 foot pitch with one pull. In the range of devices less than 5/10", some have sent pitches 3,600' but that's very rare. At 5/10", pitches more than 5,000' can go in one pull, but those SL'ers are inconvenient to rack.
  15. wanna climb?

    He says anything as long as its fun but also says he wants to go climbing. What's up with that?