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  1. Mt JungleGym TR and Necronomicon sighting

    what's wrong with aiding? Are Agent Orange and Napalm considered common aiders
  2. Mt JungleGym TR and Necronomicon sighting

    We could bring a drill and make it a sport route
  3. Mt JungleGym TR and Necronomicon sighting

    And one sling and one piton.
  4. Mt JungleGym TR and Necronomicon sighting

    I love that tree too, I should go and thank it once my wounds heal.
  5. Cragging

    I need to get out cragging more and my current climbing partner needs permission from his wife Any one interested in going to Index or Northbend from 5 till sun down on weekdays. I can go today, sport or trad.
  6. Exit 38 ... Exit 32?

    32 and 38 are nice because they are close. Good for after work. On weekends go to index, leavenworth or there is a bunch of other stuff.
  7. Big Bruin on Staircase trail

    The cables are there because bears a scavengers. The bear problem is usually started by stupid people. If a bear gets your food it will associate humans with food and the park will then kill the bear. The cables are there for the bears as much as it is for you.
  8. Big Bruin on Staircase trail

    It's best not to use the bear mace unless you have to. If shouting works do that. If people go around macing bears, you'll have a lot of angry bears. The mace is best as a last resort, beside the bears can usually be scared away with out it. Also black bears eat mostly vegetation, it's the cat that like to hunt.
  9. New Rainier Fee

    I’m curious about what the additional fees are going to do. I saw something that Gauthier had said when they started investigation raising the fees. It was something about getting some complaints about the level of service on the mountain for climbers. I’m not sure what these people want (an elevator?), but it was these comments that starting them thinking about it. The fees were low, and they couldn’t afford to do anything else with what they were taking in. I’m wondering what they are going to do differently now that the revenue will be higher.
  10. Liberty Ridge info request

    Fair enough Matt. As for any additional beta I have. Last year when I climbed the route I found it particularly tricky to find a good way to get onto the ridge from the Carbon Glacier. When I got home and looked at some pictures in Becky’s book I realized there was a much easier way on the ridge than attacking it straight on and climbing over crappie loss rock. The route is climbed a lot less often than say routes like DC so route finding skills may be needed. I recommend Becky’s and Nelson’s books for good descriptions.
  11. Liberty Ridge info request

    If you are so new to mountaineering that you can find the answer to these questions on your own, maybe this is the wrong route for you. This is a classic and well documented climb and many books have detailed info on it. Not that it's super hard but if you don't know what you are doing it easy to get in trouble on this route
  12. It really did fall down

    There is a blurb about the tower in this month clibming(221) of page 30.