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  1. first siting:

    the denali climbers are in town now. spotted two easily, as they were completely dressed in gore-tex walking down the street near my house on a sunny warm day in los anchorage or it could have just been a couple of guys looking for hookers. the season has begun, be safe, have fun, drink lots of beer at the west rib!

  2. That is part of it, in western AK there has been a few times when no subsistance (or commercial or sport) harvest has been allowed due to extremely poor runs. But in reality stocks are "managed" for the primary user groups. while the greatest value added product is derived from sport fisherman in most areas, at least in AK, they are not the greatest harvesters. commercial fisherman are and their livelihood depends on the catch size. but when it comes right down to it you could have no catch at all and the populations would continue to decline if sediment loads and temperatures are increased in streams due to logging/construction above salmon critical threshholds. in short if we want wild fish, they need the habitat, then we can manage based on oceanographic conditions (very important for year-class determination) and population sizes, taking into account the impacts of all user groups. But I do understand what you are saying it often seems like the difficult part of holding back is switched from one group to another ie. we keep catching fish, you stop logging and vice-versa. But it's not only science it's politics fruit.gif if it were just science it would be easy.

  3. In the greater scheme the natives chillling at the fish ladder don't matter that much. yes they do catch fish, and yes it can be irritating as hell to see them doing that, but if it is on native land they can do whatever they like (it's a bit of a deal worked out with the feds). also the native catch is generally minor in relation to any commercial and sport catch and is included in the population analyses. So it comes back to a. there is a resource that many people want to use b. that resource has very specific habitat needs c. we can either adjust our ways or farm them? Adjusting our ways is harder, but I would be willing to bet leads to an overall better quality of life (that's for everyone, not just the shareholders in a logging operation) so do we adjust our ways a bit and not build the next suburban mini-mall housing development on the banks of a stream, do we not clear cut down to the edge of the riparian coridor. Or do we say screw it all this is America I have a right to fuck shit up and then let "science" fix it (in a lame-ass short-cut kinda way). Oh yeah and all this is besides the fucked up impacts that the retarded genetics of farmed salmon inflict on wild salmon.

    Friends don't let friends eat Farmed Fish!

  4. Next the shrub administration will start counting the animals in zoos as wild, that way we can get rid of any excess green space set aside for animals, say like ANWR, and pave that shit. Oh yippie more places for the soccer moms to drive their hummers. So does this mean that the Atlantic salmon now caught on the Pacific coast (damn Canadians!) will be included in the number of fish on the Atlantic side under the ESA? Bunch of morons!

    Here's the deal people. Eat WILD salmon...it tastes better, and contributes far less to environmental degredation, particularly now that they want to use the hatchery population numbers to keep from having to do any sort of meaningful changing of our ways. Hey shrub moon.gif

  5. stop running for the time being. i got the same thing from mal-adjusted cleat during a century ride. lots of stretches (do an internet search) and find one of those foam tubes then you can lay on your side with it between the floor and you and cringe in agony as you roll around and massage your IT band. I also found that a rolling pin works pretty well. vitamin-I isn't a bad idea either. good luck!

  6. happens all the time. best rust removal method is to go climbing. otherwise filing will remove some of it and a ski edge gummy stick polisher works great. just remember to remove all of the rust and get everything dry if you are going to store your gear for a long period of time, even better is to dry it off after every outing (not always practical due to bigdrink.gif )i don't generally worry about rust unless it is really bad. cheers!

  7. get some feminine hygiene pads. they can absorb a lot of blood and stick where you put them which can be a big help while you wrap bandaging around the area.

    my climb kit has those,


    sam splint

    couple of lemon drops (diabetics)




    a few drugs


    accident report form

    basically just set up for tramatic emergencies, it packs down small and light, i have it in my backpack for all skiing/ice climbing/climbing trips

    of course to buy the pads you have to go down the girl aisle

    kinda scary rolleyes.gif

  8. jim, i lived in juneau for the past three years. there is plenty to do there. lots of hiking, from easy trails and ridge traverses to full-on bushwacks. there is also easy access to the mendenhall glacier. if you have a boat that is even better. kayaking is great. you could also use some air miles and pop over to glacier bay for some kayaking. or take the ferry to skagway and drive (or bike) back around to haines, that takes you through whitehorse and is a blast. if you head into the interior at all then your options expand exponentially. give me a pm if you want some specifics.


  9. cbs~ i partially tore a tendon and tore a tendon sheath in my hand. hurt really bad (commercial crab fishing 2 days after the fact didn't help) and i had to stop climbing (rock and ice madgo_ron.gif) this winter. i had a bit of a lump in my hand that would come and go. I think it was the tendon sheath floating a bit, which would sometimes create pain othertimes not. i found that various exercises helped the pain and have started to bring back some strength (after it happened i had the strength of "a little girl" or at least that's what the PT told me) oh i also get pain in my carpultunnel and muscle insertion point when I climb now. so i cut back the climbing if it starts getting aggrivated. so if yours doesn't hurt then be happy, if it does get painful have someone who knows give it a massage they can maybe move the sheath around to a painfree spot.oh and watch out for the shallow 2-finger pockets, they can really aggrivate/cause this type of injury.



  10. hey wait, i live in alaska. does that mean your laughin at me right now? i guess thats ok since my next week will be spent skiing in haines pass and thompson pass and ice climbing in valdez. so just keep laughing....hahahahahahaha fruit.gif

  11. cj001f said:

    cracked said:

    Too warm, period. When's the last time you wore a heavy fleece beneath a shell while moving? I haven't. Ever.

    Have you EVER been climbing outside of the Northwest? It gets alot colder elsewhere. I've been climbing with GTX, Fleece, and still been cold in the 'Daks. STFU.

    i agree with cracked. i live in ak and don't want an insulated shell. if it is so cold that you need more layers put on your down. cause at those temps it ain't raining. an insulated shell is too warm and has a very limited niche. my $0.02

  12. we've had pretty good NL's off and on for the last couple of weeks in AK. not the best ones i've ever seen but they add great atmosphere when kickin back on the beach with a case of bend's finest a bottle of jameson a bonfire and a few friends.

  13. after suffering elbow pain bad enough to make my face pale and send me home early from a climbing trip. i decided that i needed to balance out my muscles a bit. with climbing your biceps get quite strong, while you triceps are a bit neglected (unless you are topping out on lots of boulders!) anyway i took a couple of months off climbing and just lifted tricep and chest exercises (push-ups are great) that along with the dicovery of yoga in recent years has kept the pain from returning full bore. just something to keep in mind that doesn't involve taking pills