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  1. Lynn Hill?

  2. Gas Prices and Summer Travel

    Hey, all you SUV owners, have fun driving to the crag this summer when a gallon of regular gasoline costs more that three dollars!!!! LINK Let's see...10 miles to the gallon, 600 miles to the Canadian Rockies, 1200 miles total, that's...120 gallons of gas...$360!!!! I personally can't wait until a loaf of bread costs nine dollars. Things will get REAL interesting at that point. And while Bush urges OPEC to increase production, he continues to top off the US strategic reserve, and OPEC ignores him. And Kerry? He voted for a 50 cent a gallon TAX on gas!! :takituptheshitter:
  3. ROCK!!!

    Looking for a partner for ROCK on Sat/Sun, whatever you're available for. PM if interested.
  4. Gas Prices and Summer Travel

    Found this image of Greg_W and his SUV:
  5. Gas Prices and Summer Travel

    Is it OK to call someone a "cunt rag" in Spray these days, or is that too offensive? And I'm asking for information purposes only...
  6. antitobacco prejudice

    Chemicals found in Cigarette Smoke Yes, you ARE a piece of shit if you think that it's OK to subject me to exposure to these chemicals against my will. There is no conceivable argument that can be made to rationalize exposing someone to 2nd-hand smoke aganist their will. You fucking smokers make me sick. And these are only 190 of 4000. A Acetaldehyde Acetic Acid Acetone Acetylene Acrolein Acrylonitrile Aluminum Aminobiphenyl Ammonia Anabasine Anatabine Aniline Anthracenes Argon Arsenic B Benz(a)anthracene Benzene Benzo(a)pyrene Benzo(b)fluoranthene Benzo(j)fluoranthene Butadiene Butane C Cadmium Campesterol Carbon Monoxide Carbon Sulfide Catechol Chromium Chrysene Copper Crotonaldehyde Cyclotenes D DDT/Dieldrin Dibenz(a,h)acridine Dibenz(a,h)anthracene Dibenz(a,j)acridine Dibenzo(a,l)pyrene Dibenzo(c,g)carbazole Dimenthylhydrazine E Ethanol Ethylcarbamate F Fluoranthenes Fluorenes Formaldehyde Formic Acid Furan G Glycerol H Hexamine Hydrazine Hydrogen cyanide Hydrogen sulfide I Indeno(1,2,3-c,d)pyrene Indole Isoprene L Lead Limonine Linoleic Acid Linolenic Acid M Magnesium Mercury Methane Methanol Methyl formate Methylamineethylchrysene Methylamine Methylnitrosamino Methylpyrrolidine N n-Nitrosoanabasine n-Nitrosodiethanolamine n-Nitrosodiethylamine n-nitrosodimethylamine n-Nitrosoethyl methylamine n-Nitrosomorpholine n-Nitrosopyrrolidine Naphthalene Naphthylamine Neophytadienes Nickel Nicotine Nitric Oxide Nitrobenzene Nitropropane Nitrosamines Nitrosonomicotine Nitrous oxide phenols Nomicotine P Palmitic acid Phenanthrenes Phenol Picolines Polonium-210 Propionic acid Pyrenes Pyrrolidine Q Quinoline Quinones S Scopoletin Sitosterol Skatole Solanesol Stearic acid Stigmasterol Styrene T Titanium Toluene Toluidine U Urethane V Vinyl Chloride Vinylpyridine Soon...very soon...we'll get a LAW banning you from smoking in public places in all of WA.
  7. Gas Prices and Summer Travel

    CNN/Money Oil Stocks Article
  8. Gas Prices and Summer Travel

    Yes but increased cost of fuel results in an increased in the cost of everything. And most people that drive $40,000 cars don't own $40,000 cars, they just pay the bank to use it, because they can't afford a $40,000 car. That's why they carry a debt load. You folks that think $3 a gallon for gas is OK are going to have a big surpise come July, I garuntee.
  9. BushCo Tried for Treason????

    If Kerry Wins, Bush Could See Jail Time
  10. Air Dropping Equipment

    I am planning a trip that will require dropping gear/food/fuel from a plane onto a glacier. Any suggestions, based on actual experiences? How do you package the fuel, for example. Parachute? Thanks a bunch, -J
  11. Gas Prices and Summer Travel

    I'd like a single-seater fuel cell powered commuter pod with four wheel drive and enough room for four people and gear. Is that unreasonable? And every time I see one of those Escalades, I just want to bludgoen the driver with a rock. That's the car that Caligula would drive, in his syphillitic decadence. Jimmy got his leg blown off driving his Humvee over a land mine in Mosul so some wretched cunt can yammer into her cell phone, blocking traffic while she attempts to parallel park in a space that's too small? Makes perfect sense to me. God Bless America
  12. Gas Prices and Summer Travel

    Thanks for the spelling lesson Your economic THEORY is all well and good as a chapter in your ECON121 text, but in REALITY, when gas prices go through the roof IN THREEE MONTHS, our way of life will be unable to adapt rapidly enough to save us the major misery that we will experience. For instance, you suggest that we will all be using more fuel effecient vehicles. This will not be the case in JULY. Maybe in ten years, but not 15 weeks. We're fucked. And also notice that OPEC is retaliating for our occupation of Iraq and our continued support of Isreal and their treatment of the Palestinians by cutting production. They know exactly how to hit us the hardest. Get ready for long lines at the gas pumps...
  13. Air Dropping Equipment

    Assuming that you leave stuff behind, which is never the plan. I'm thinking cardboard boxes, burn em when your done, pack out the duct tape. I'd like to try a parachute system, just for fun, but don't really want to pack them out.
  14. Winning Hearts & Minds Pt.371

    Then how about mandatory military service for all able-bodied citizens, like in Isreal? Would you leave the kids behind and fight for your freedom? Or is it more palatable to stay home and pay taxes? And paid guns thrive on danger. That's why they do it. Why is that so fucking funny? US troops, though paid, are not in the same catagory. Most were duped into joining up, thinking that they'd get to drive tanks and shoot guns and other cool stuff, and get some money and get college paid for, and now they end up eating sand and getting shot at and that is most certainly not part of the schpeel that the recruiter gave them. Those poor saps want to go home. Mercs are different. They get hard at the thought of the lawlessness over there.
  15. Favorite Cartoon Characters

    Space Moose!!!
  16. Winning Hearts & Minds Pt.371

    I call BS. It's the heavy coin that lures these dudes over there. If it weren't, they'd volunteer. They're in it for the guns and the money, and for the taste of living on the edge that they got one time, and are still looking for. They're addicted to the danger.
  17. Beef conspiracy

    You're an elitist snob. Einstein worked as a patent clerk.
  18. BushCo Tried for Treason????

    emails, memos, it's all still there. These fuckers will go down, and then they'll have to go down on Bubba, their new cell-mate. Nixon got busted, Clinton got busted, Reagan got busted, Bush will get busted too. These fuckers think they are above it all, but they end up getting what they deserve in the end. And now they're starting to say that "there was no evidence that the government possesed to lead them to beleive that this type of attack was about to take place." HELLO!!! Saubi Arabian nationals known by the FBI to be taking flight lessons, but with no interest in learning how to land???? And why hasn't Bush set up and Independent Counsel to investigate? What's he afraid of, if he's so squeaky clean?
  19. Air Dropping Equipment

    Sadly, you can't melt much snow with a dead boy-band singer. And dropping 2x the gear means I would have to carry the other 1/2 back to the LZ after the trip is over. MAJOR SUCK!!
  20. Air Dropping Equipment

    What is VOCJ, pardon my ignorance?
  21. "one time at ban(ne)d camp"

    Stifler was so funny in "American Wedding" that I almost crapped myself laughing. "American Pie II" sucked dog balls, though. Worthless. Didn't laugh once.
  22. Guns vs. Doctors

    "Doctor? Doctors are idiots."
  23. Winning Hearts & Minds Pt.371

    They stand to gain paradise, which is a lot more attractive to them than their current shituation. Quit looking through a western lens!!!
  24. Gas Prices and Summer Travel

    Except that Europe has a well-refined system of trains for distributing goods, while we rely on primarily on trucks. So, when gas is $3 a gallon, milk will be $5 a gallon and a loaf of bread will cost $9. How is this good for the economy? The value of the product is still the same, but the cost of bringing it to the consumer has increased, and your earnings remain the same. This means less money to spend on things other than food, which results in an economic collapse.
  25. Winning Hearts & Minds Pt.371

    Um...yeah...I think it's the Seattle PI today, the front page image shows an Iraqi kid waving a crude sign that says "Falujah: Cemetary for Americans" or something like that. those poeple fucking HATE us being there, and from the report I heard on NPR this morning, it seems like 100% of Iraqis can't stand us being there as a force of occupation. It's a vicious cycle, and I can't see a clear solution. I will say, though, that leaving Saddam in power will appear in hindsight to have been the best solution if this becomes a regional conflict. If you can say one thing about the muslims, you can say that they don't tolerate apparent injustices to other muslims. As far as privatizing security: BAD IDEA!!! At least the US forces demand restraint in their troops. Kill a marine, and there is a "measured response". Kill a merc, and you'll get "I can't wait to whack a Haji when I get back there." So when a merc takes out the wrong guy using "asymetrical force" to avenge the death of a colleague a la Clint Eastwood, and the place explodes, we'll be really fucked.