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  1. Hey Gang: I'm heading to Leavenworth in the next few weeks for the 1st time and would like to hit the Outer Space/Orbit area and also Castle Rock. My question is: are there any parking restrictions or fees that I need to be aware of? Someone told me you needed a National Forest pass and/or a Fish & Wildlife parking pass to park in these areas. If so, will I be able to purchase them there? Thanks in advance for any info. Eric
  2. Parking Fees at Leavenworth?

    Thanks for the info guys! Matt, we should hook up for some Big Rock cragging again this summer. Hope you're doing well. EB
  3. Rock of Sharon access?

    Greetings All: A couple of things: 1) Jake, I wanted to make sure everyone knows that the landowner who put up the "No Trespassing" signs is not the enemy. He is actually a pretty cool guy named Chad who I have run into several times and, although not a climber, he doesn't seem to mind climbers passing over his lower driveway - he's not too fond of the motorcycles that rip up the hillside or the drunk shooters that favor the big parking area. He's the guy who keeps the driveway graveled and plowed, and has actually maintained a small pull-out for folks to park in. He just doesn't want people driving up and turning around in his front yard or sending rounds over his roof. 2) Steve, nice write up on the parking situation - very accurately described (although I didn't check the Lat-Long coordinates.) and also a good update on the DHNAA land swap/acquisition. This area will be a treasure when it is finalized! You are absolutely right about the need for some trail work days. The approach trails have supported a small climbing community but will braid and erode with heavier use, and the entry road and parking area will be a long-overdue project. Look forward to meeting some of you folks in person soon. Eric Barrett Spokane, WA
  4. Chimney Rock Topos

    Hey NYC: I think you should stay away from OW's you're libel to hurt yourself. EB
  5. guidebooks

    Hey Bigbro: Who's putting together the N. Idaho guide? And is it going to include Chimney Rock and other stuff in that area? EB
  6. Salt Lake City Pub Club?

    Hey NYC007: Stay away from Shaggy's. It's dangerous, and you're there on business - remember! EB
  7. Hey Gang: I'm planning on heading into Ingalls Peak next week (around July 20th)and this will be my first time - cant wait! I'm probably just heading for one of the moderates like the South Ridge. Am I likely to be running into very much snow at this point in the Summer? ie: should I consider crampons and/or axe, or is it pretty much a kick-step up to the rock kind of affair? Thanks for any info. Eric
  8. Ingalls Peak Conditions?

    Thanks for the info everyone. Looks like I'll be wearing my Exum Ridges for the approach! (with my Goat Poo instep crampons of course...) Eric
  9. lover's leap

    Hey LawGoddess: You'll love the Leap, the rock there is unique and incredible. If you've got time, check out Phantom Spires while you're in the area, it's cool too. Here's a site with a bit more info: http://www.cs.colorado.edu/~jrblack/leap.html Have fun! Eric Barrett