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  1. AWWWW Dammit! I am unfortunately at the present geographically unacceptable to with anyone that ain't in the flatlands. Also my experience are old and in a long-gone memory bank now erased with single malt scotch. (Hence the nickname). I didn't climb much in that specific area anyway, I was more interested in peak-bagging and snow/ice at that particular time. Ya might want to talk with Smedley, DJ or the gear rustler if Chris doesn't want to get involved. They also respond to [ 11-24-2002, 10:36 PM: Message edited by: Scotch-a-Go-Go ]
  2. Hmmmm, I don't mean to put words in Chris' mouth cause lord knows.... but.... If you mean he would prefer it not be overrun like Leavenworth or Index, with mountaineer hordes bearing guidebooks explaining which way to point their pinky to get over the crux, and preparing them to put exactly which piece of BD gear 7.2' past what feature, then yeah yer right. But could ya blame anyone? I have no dog in this one, 'cause I don't know DavidW and obviously at some point "a guidebook would be written", he may be writing a very cool one! And I don't know, maybe it's elitist to think that some climbing areas should be less like a connect the dots puzzle book and more like a "hey that looks like a cool line" adventure. "A rumor of a route...." Which is the way that I grew up climbing. I just hope that when one gets written that it will be done in a way that reflects the history of the development there. Which would probably mean coming to grips with the crowd who did a lot of it.... A guy could always start by buying these; ! Which are currency accepted worldwide!! [ 11-22-2002, 11:01 PM: Message edited by: Scotch-a-Go-Go ]
  3. Can you really say that Chris has been trying to keep SC Wall secret? Hell, he's had all sorts a shit about it on his website forever and has taken anybody who wanted to go up there for as long as I've known him (over a decade). The only thing he seems to not like alot are guidebooks and at least one guidebook writer..... Say Greg, have we met? Did we do Glacier way back? PM me.
  4. Yeow, Don't knock the Big Green Machine! They sell the best, cheapest, Chinese-prison-labor fleece and clothes anywhere! AKA Replace Every Idiot's gear....
  5. Cool. When I left PNW in 1992 we were looking at a line to the right of that one. Supposedly unclimbed (until last spring?), but who know in the Cascades! Went up every few weeks to see if the face was set up right. That face is weird. Then I moved. Congrats on a very cool climb. Like the post card with old lodge too!
  6. Heiki Luunta? Sounds painful.... Tink e can make it to Finland, MN for St. Urho's day? Carolyn, yah sure, I'ld be up for some brickyards, there's some free standing pillars south of there too. I'm working on a drill rig for the next two-three months but can do a Sat. or Sun.. I'll send a PM at some point here. Climbings climbing no matter where ya are, sadly there's a lot more in PNW than around HERE!
  7. So on another note. I see S of C edited his weird turd orgasm post.... It sounded like he likes a little of THIS, while wearing THIS. But hey, c'mon man, just kidding and all kidding aside the best t-shirts in the world are here.
  8. N by NW- Fine, I take your point. I agree with you about fucked up shit (and I'm not Scottish Wanker). Here's a quote from the book. "We had all seen the television footage of Iranian Authorities ripping open the plastic bags and poking at the charred remains with knives (one even spat on the bodies). President Carter said it best for all Americans: "This indicates quite clearly the kinds of people we've been dealing with. They did not bring shame and dishonor on the fallen Americans. They brought shame and dishonor on themselves."" - "The Guts to Try", Col. James Kyle
  9. I'll be boarding there this winter. We plan to take a crowd. I missed it last year when everybody went to the lounge bar (I forget the name). I remember there was a snow shortage. Hey, where's the good ice on the peninsula? I'm planning to get back into it this year and want to do some up there.
  10. Or may the HORSE be with you! Your choice.
  11. May the Force be with you. [ 11-21-2002, 01:18 PM: Message edited by: Scotch-a-Go-Go ]
  12. Since I knew you guys love a laugh I found this joke just for you! The White House announced today that it is changing its emblem to a condom because it more clearly reflects the Republican Party's political stance. A condom accepts inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of pricks, and gives you a sense of security while you're actually getting screwed. Enjoy!
  13. If you can use the disposable contacts that is the way to go, IMHO. My fav new sunglasses (since they stopped making polarized glass SunClouds) are the Costa Del Mar wraparound style. Polarized glass, mirror finish, awesome crispy. You might need some kind of hat to block out the last bit of top/side light. You would probably be wearing one anyway. Otherwise googles over glasses are the way to go if you can't handle the overnight contacts.
  14. If you don't like blocked traffic you must love livin' in Seattle. P.S. You frighten me.
  15. If you don't like protestors/free speech maybe YOU should take the boat ride, little buddy.... You got every right in the world to be uninformed ifn' ya wants ta be.
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