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  1. WTB: Mountaineering Boots

    Don't compromise fit just because you can get a good price. One blister can ruin the entire climb. Try 2nd Ascent in Seattle for a good selection of used boots.
  2. FYI, its not a public shelter. It was locked for a reason...... WHAT?? Dude save some for the trip back to the car. Hey Jamin Its a great TR and a very nice effort but take a look back and ask yourself......should we have pushed for the summit? If you had fallen into a crevase, do you think a corpse could have pulled you out. Hats off to both of you for the effort but please don't forget the amount of energy needed to make it back down the inter glacier and on to the car.
  3. I had my surgery on Monday (21st). Im felling pretty good now, of course I'm on a high level of Percocet. Once the doctor opened me up and pulled the muscles away, he found my back to be worse off then the X-rays and MRI's showed. From what I understand he ended up doing a 3 level laminectomy and 2 level diskecomy. I'm not 100% sure this is what he did cuz my wife is the one he spoke with after suregry and she was more worried about me rather then listening to his mumbo jumbo. I spent 2 hours in recovery before she was even able to see me. Sounds like I was in pretty bad shape. I will know the details of what he did when I go in for my post-op appointment. For now the pain in my glute and down my leg is 100% gone. Most of the pain is at the incision site and its just from the sore muscles. Im up walking around as much as possible but need my walker to get in and out of bed or up and down from sitting. Thanks for everyones words and advise. I'm looking forward to a succesful recovery.
  4. Im considering purchasing a used StairMaster 4000pt to add to my home gym. Trick is my gym is in my basement that has about 7' ceilings. I’m 5' 10" tall. I can currently use my elliptical trainer in there with about 1" clearance from the top of my head to the ceiling.......no problem unless I get real crazy on it. My questions regarding the StairMasters are: 1) Can you get a good workout while keeping the pedals lower to the floor? Its been years since I’ve belonged to a gym but I do recall that some people would workout lower or higher up on the steps. The ones that worked out lower might have been doing longer, slower steps but I don’t remember. 2) When you are at full stride, what is the difference in height between your upper and lower foot? The top height of the pedals on my elliptical are about 18". But when I am actively moving, one foot is going up as the other is going down. So I never stand as high as 18". Make sense? Really the height I stand at is half the distance between the highest and lowest stride. Looks like the top height of the steps on a StairMaster are 16" so unless I’m missing something, it should work........right?
  5. Ripped hardshell pants?

    Rainy Pass Repair moved out of the U-District. I think they are now on 45th in Freemont? They are a great place for any repair, mod or cleaning!
  6. http://www.kirotv.com/news/13309909/detail.html
  7. Rowing machines are awesome........just not for me. They have always bothered my low back. Not sure how it would be post surgery but why go back to sometime that tweeked it before. Really the elliptical that I have now works just fine. 7 feet in front of my elliptical is a wall mounted lcd tv. I can somewhat zone out with that. If I do get the stairmaster, that would be put in front of the tv. I'm just bored with the elliptical. Fern, as far as digging holes to get in shape..... If I really felt that would help my climbing I'd be all for it. But aside form digging a platform and maybe digging my partner out of some avalanche debree (I say maybe cuz he talks a lot, I could continue on in peace and quite)..... I think that training would be wasted time. Thanks for the alternative thinking though.
  8. I got the specs I needed but still need to know if you can get a good workout while keeping the pedals lower to the floor?
  9. Black Diamond Half dome Helmet...****SOLD****.... RailRiders Mens Adventure Top. $25 local pick up or $30 shipped http://www.railriders.com/men-adventure-top-p-823.html?cPath=90_102 RailRiders Eco-Speed Top. $20 local pick up or $25 shipped http://www.railriders.com/men-eco-speed-p-839.html?cPath=90_96&osCsid=u64db1deha2skgc1734oqvogj7
  10. I have a buyer pending pick up on Friday. I will let you know if that doesn't happen. THE HELMET HAS BEEN SOLD
  11. Good first time climb

    I'd vote either Baker, Daniel, Muir......Ruth....hell they are all good. I've done Daniel 5 times but its always been in October. I hear it can get pretty warm out there during the summer months.
  12. Sold. Thanks Jim Size LONG. In perfect condition. $365 new sell for $260 shipped or $240 local pick up in Tacoma.
  13. I started using a 3/4 length Prolite 4 with a full length Z-Rest a few years back. Nothing has been better. If the Prolite leaks, you've still got a full length pad. Put the Z-Rest under the Prolite to keep any tracked in snow off you. If I were to buy a Prolite today I'd go with the womens version. Higher R value for the same weight (just a tad shorter then the regular.......but its pink).
  14. Overtraining

    Here is an easy way to prevent overtraining before its to late. Figure out what your resting heart rate is (best time is as soon as you wake up in the morning, and after a few days of rest). If you start to notice the number increase, you are headed down the overtrained highway. Back off until you get it back down again.
  15. Workout Splits

    Mon: Back & Bi's Tues: Cardio (45-60min bike or eliptical) Wed: Chest & Tri's Thur: Cardio Fri: Legs Sat or Sun hike whenever possible
  16. Tried inversion for a few months..... didn't help. Scheduled the surgery. Keeping fingers crossed.
  17. great climbing quotes

    "Don't sweat the petty, pet the sweaty" From the movie First Descent
  18. Thanks everyone for all of your comments. The Doctor's (Neuro and Ortho) that I saw to satisfy my insurance co. both said surgery was needed. I'm trying to get in with Dr. Knight so I can be sure I've got the right doctor doing the job. Layton, I've considered the DRX9000 but from what I understand it wont do anything for stenosis. The only way to open up that window is to remove some bone......right?
  19. Kat Roslyn The recovery time is: 6 months 50% 9 months 75% 1-2 years 100% Most patients can return to light duty in about 6 weeks.
  20. ericb The traction was done on a cox table by my chiropractor in Kent. Since I now live in Tacoma I no longer see that chiropractor. I was having traction done anywhere between 3x week to 1x month depending on where I was at in my numerous injuries. The relief would end as soon as I stood up from the table. I do think it helped prolong some flare ups but eventualy they would catch up to me. Layton Thanks for the advise on where to look. I've spoke with my old chiro in Kent but he just kept telling me not to get surgery. I will inquire at the Tacoma chiro I was seeing before my last injury. Also at the PT office down the street from me. Can you reccommed someone?
  21. Im not quite sure what progressive or severe neurological deficits would consist of? I do have slight weakening in my right quad, anterior tib, and toes. Also feel a slightly different sensation in the right leg when the "pin wheel" is ran down my leg. My MRI report from 2001 says: "at L4-5, there is degenerative signal withen the disk...... There is also some increased signal in the inferior and the annulus...." "at L5-S1 there appears to be a defect in the annulas.... the disk impinges on the thecal sac and posteriorly displaces the S1 roots bilaterally. There is signifiant foraminal narrowing. The disk also demonstrates some loss of height and loss of signal characteristics........ Conclusion: "Small central protrusion at L2-3. Larger central protrusion, slightly greater to the right, at L4-5, with annual fissure or tear. Central disk protrusion at L5-S1, effecting both S1 nerve roots." My 2007 MRI Reads: "Findings: The L5-S1 level is assigned to the lowest fully formed disk level....... There is increased signal intensity in the S1, S2, and S3 levels and adjacent soft tissue on all sequences indicating this is probably related to coil position and signal intensity modulation....." "L4-5 There is a moderate broad degenerative disk buldge and a small right posterolatal disk protrussion extendind partially intraforaminal. The right foramina shows mild narrowing, and the left shows minor narrowing. There is a moderate narrowing of the right lateral recess and mild flattening of the thecal sac. There is mild facet arthropathy." L5-S1: "There is a mild broad degenerative disk buldge with mild bilateral foraminal narrowing. The is a small central disk protrusion. Both distal nerve roots are contacted with slight flattening of the right S1 nerve root. There is minimal impingement of the thecal sac. There is mild facted arthropathy." Conclusion: Degenerative disk bulges of L4-5 and L5-S1 levels. There is a right posterolateral disk protrusion at the L4-5 level and a small central disk protrussion at the L5-S1 level." I'm not sure if that answers your question but I hope it kept your interest for the last 45 seconds. How does one research to make sure he's found a good surgeon?
  22. Gearup5000 Every positive comment right now helps. Like I said, I think I've tried it all thus far. I know there are pro's and con's and that everyone's outcome is different. Truth be told I just want to hear that everything will be okay. I've already had an IME (exam by another doctor paid for by the insurance co.) with two other doctor's. If thier findings are "on the fence" I will get my own second optinion. Both of them did agree that I've definatly got 2 bum disk's and both said I have done everything I could short of surgery. But then tried to steer me away from surgery????? I will definatly focus on better flexibility and core work post surgery. There is even a "hot yoga" joint just 10 minutes from home.
  23. [TR] Mt. Hood south side - 3/16/2007

    Hey Jamin I'm just curious as to what was in yours and your partners packs to make them 40lbs each? I think most guys can get up that mountain with 30lbs or less. I did it in March 05 with 30lbs. with my GoLight pack and plenty of cold weather gear (17 degrees on the summit with -6 degrees windchill). Im not ragging on ya about that, just thought maybe you could rethink your gear and save a few pounds. And you mention you "ditched most of our useless gear a few hundred feet before we reached the hogsback because we were both gasping for air". What type of gear was it that you felt okay ditching and then proceeding through the most dangerous part of the climb. And if it was indeed useless, why did you pack it to begin with? Again....I'm just trying to help. I know you've been asking these guys for help on expanding your knowledge of climbing, and thats great but, I just worry you will then take the knowledge and get yourself into trouble. Before someone attempts a route like LR, the south side of Hood should be a walk in the park. Go out and climb all you can on routes that you can turn around on if something goes wrong. The key to staying with mountaineering for the long run is baby steps. Don't try to gain your knowledge of something out of your league until you are fully ready to handle all of the consequences at that level. Just because you said Rainier was easy and you did a winter ascent of Hood doesn't make you ready for LR. Baby steps my friend. Like others have said.....try the Kautz or Fuhrur Finger. If I recall correctly, your summit of Rainier happened under ideal weather conditions. The mountain is a different beast in foul weather. I admire your determination and drive to strive for bigger and better things. As mountaineers, thats a healthy part of all of us. But keep it in check. Before every climb I go on I ask myself "am I fully prepared for this? Do I have the ability and resources to care for myself or my climbing partner if something goes wrong?" When I first got into mountaineering, I was all about pushing the limits first and worrying about the consequences later. Once I learned more about it and all of the potential dangers surrounding climbing, I learned to think of the consequences first. I still push the limits. But with time and baby steps I have gained the skills to keep me alive if I push to far. Do a gut check Jamin. There's no hurry. Gain your experience slowing.
  24. Older model, white top w/ grey bottom. There are cracks in the bottom near the mounting holes. 4 cracks in all (1 at each mount) 3 minor, 1 major. I'm sure it could be fixed but don't blame me if a semi goes racing by and snaps the box off your roof!! $35 cash. Comes with mounting hardware, key for the locks and pre installed stickers!! Located in N. Tacoma. Email me for photos of box and close ups of damage.