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  1. Which one is Cascadian???

    I was just up on Stuart last weekend. So this is still fresh in my mind. At the intersection of the trail down from Longs Pass and Ingalls Creek Trail, take a right. Head east on Ingalls Crk Tr. about 1/4 mi. to a large clearing. At the western edge of this clearing there is a forest service sign "No Campfires above 5000'" A few yards past this sign, a way trail ascends to the left (N) uphill into the brush. This trail is pretty easy to follow and will take you up into the Cascadian Couloir. There is a way trail and cairns all the way up the couloir. Have Fun!
  2. I was looking at the Joffre Lakes park map on Bivouac.com. I noticed the trail climbs up a drainage above Upper Joffre lk. close to a col between Mt Taylor and Tszil. Does anyone know if either of these peaks can be scrambled (by a non-climber)?
  3. Smoot's new guidebook

    I special orderd mine at Borders, so I may have got it a little early. It should be in now at any of the major bookstores. Also try the mountaineers bookstore. There was a long wait for this book!
  4. Smoot's new guidebook

    I just got a copy of Jeff Smoot's new guidebook "Climbing Washington's Mountains" Excellent! I especially like the route topo's. Very well drawn. It's mostly a scrambles guide with a few climbs. (I like it because I'm all about scrambles!) Much better than the Mountaineers 75 scrambles guide. My 2 cents!
  5. Personal web site...

    Great site! Nice pics! I especially like the plane crash wreckage.
  6. Gotta love this email I got.....

    I think this guy overstated his point a little and got a little preachy. But, I basically agree with him. You shouldn't have cut those switchbacks, especially on a trail as heavily used as Si.
  7. Peak xxx, Coast Range

    Thanks Dru! That peak is Mt Tatlow E. of Chilko Lk. I found some references to it on the web.web page Also some info on Bivouac.com, no routes though. Pretty Mountain, the walk-up looks nice!
  8. Peak xxx, Coast Range

    Does anyone know the name of the mystery peak on Phil Fortier's site. Dru? web page Peaks