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  1. Many thanks to Doxie and crew(Carla, Laurie and Katie) for establashing a great route across the glacier. This made our summit day much easier. We had a couple of PBRs for you at the trailhead. As Peter describes, it was about 800 feet below the highest point on the west side of the Imperfect Impasse. as soon as you are able to cross head to the middle section of the ravine to a fairly obvious animal trail. I am looking for a picture. jake
  2. did you go for it? I am looking to go this weekend and would like some details. thanks! jake
  3. coon


    any recent trip reports? cd
  4. Sorry, I did not see your response until now. These are the Theta pant/bibs and the size is Medium. From last year model, although never used. I am 6'1" and about 170lbs. jake
  5. I have OR Advanced Bivy sack used once for sale. ($140) Listed as $279 at REI. Also have Arc Teryx pant/bibs not ever used. ($175) Grey/purple color. REI has at $350. Both are in excellent condition. Not getting out much any more.
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    Free Stuff

    I would be interested in the water purifier. jake.cd1@juno.com. jake
  7. For Sale: TUA Excalibur Plus 185 skis; Silvretta Easy Go bindings; Scarpa Denali 9.5 boots, clips, ski crampons and skins included. Very good shape. Best offer. Please email.
  8. have the following, all 2 years old. great shape. used 20 times. would love to trade for whitewater kayak or canoe. Scarpa Denali boots(10.5)TUA Excalibur Plus(185)Silvretta Easy-Go bindings ski crampons jake
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