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  1. Tragic News about Ben Manfredi

    Jens, Greg, Forrest, I don't know who, if anyone, is the proper avenue for this, but I've got an audiotape of Ben giving the slide presentation Forrest mentioned, and I think that it may be of interest to the family (If not now, then possibly in time). Sorry not to post earlier, but I had to go back into my tapes and make sure I still had it, and that it is still fully audible (it is). The reason I have the tape I was doing doctoral research in linguistic anthropology on the topic of mountaineering and adventure narratives (yes, Ben and all others gave me express permission to tape their shows). During that time, I taped a lot of venues, professional and amateur. Forrest's show had a lot of grea talks. Ben was very unassuming, gave a really good show and let the pictures do the talking for the most part. I never knew him, but by his talk he seemed to impervious to chestbeating or hyped bravado. He was just a cool and happy kid, a junior at UW, talking about what he most liked to do. To the point, I would be glad to send the tape to his family if it is something that they want. Because Ben was so laid back during the talk, it isn't super narrative, but it is his voice, and he is talking about he friends and the adventured that obviously meant a lot to him. I am sorry for the loss, and just wanted to offer this. I recognize that this is a weird thing to have surface, and I understand if the family isn't immediately thrilled. If any of you think that there is, or might ever, be interest in acquiring this tape, p.m. me so that I can provide some more durable contact information. This is sad. Again, very sorry to learn this. Strength to those who loved him.
  2. Wilderness First Aid

    Definitely agree that it is worth having enough basics to feel like you know what to do in an emergency. I took a 60 foot tumbling fall through granites ledges, never lost consciousness, and coached my partner through a full medical assessment (I had an expired EMT and he only had and expired CPR card). Would have been even more dire for him and me if he had to deal with me on his own. Have to put in a plug for carrying some sort of blood-stopping pressure dressing materials in the kit. Saved my life.
  3. Summit Camping

    Gator, or anyone out there who definitively knows: Are we allowed to camp in the summit crater or between the Columbia Crest and the Liberty Cap? I know that the first few teams of Rainier summiteers did this, but I wonder is if is now frowned upon or banned by park officials. Would we have to register for this in any way other than the standard climbing permits and camp reservations? I really hope this is possible. Thanks in advance for any insight. Erik
  4. Acclimatization - Rates and Advice?

    Gracias for all the good input. I may add a day or so to give me a better chance. Most of what I read is pretty consistent with what I've experienced (been up to 19+, but I was younger then and less likely to complain). Thanks again, Erik
  5. Any one have any advice for acclimatizing. I am planning a trip up Huascaran 22,000+ and am hoping to do it in a 2 week schedule. I live at sea level and have been spoiled by training in all this oxygen. Any feelings if 2 weeks is enough time (weather, route conditions and all other variables being favorable)? Any tricks to it? Thanks in advance, Erik
  6. Huascaran

    A group of us is hoping to go down to Peru and climb Huascaran this June. We are looking to do the standard route in default of any quality information on alternative routes. Anybody out there have some suggestions for alternatives and back up plans? I would also be interested in any advice on climbing the Cordillera Blanca in general (appropriate clothing, worthy alternative peaks, etc) Note: I have traveled and climbed in S.A. previously, but not this area. Thanks for any help,
  7. Dog Friendly Backcountry Skiing?

    I'm relatively new to this area. I used to be able to get out and ski with just my dogs in the southern Rockies. Any recommendations on places near to Seattle that are dog friendly (ie no state or national parks) and that are not traditional avy death traps?