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  1. snow level okanagans

    no orgy-fest, sorry to say!! a little birthday suit action would be nice though, especially with the great forecast and beautiful valley!! woo hoo!!! i am excited!!! bp, you can make it out there in a day with some goodies!!!! what ya doin on Stuy?
  2. Action Against a War

    There is a great article in The Stranger from this past week, titled "No Good Reason" which I think says it all...
  3. Three Day Weekend! Hell Yizzy For Shizzy

    BANFF. 4 days. I'll stop there and not rub it in!!
  4. Holiday Vacations?

    Mr. Natural y yo celebramos Navidad en Mexico con su familia. Baja style 20 mi SW of Ensenada. Fun times: hot springs with the local folk, horseback riding on the beach, and flying around the peninsula in the 'Ultra Light'. Creepy/Shitty: two xmas presents 'disappeared' on xmas day- creepy/gross ex-American 'chef' claims he had nothing to do with it...
  5. NZ in January

    Thanks so much you guys- I am so excited!!! My friend who I'll be staying with most of the time lives in Manapouri on the S. Isle, so Wanaka and Cor. Pen. and all of the other stuff sounds GREAT!! My flight is with United , so I'm praying that shit doesn't go down with them before then....
  6. NZ in January

    Thanks Greg, Dru, Matt. I have a day planned at Togariro when I first get there Dru, is N.Butt Sabre in Mt. Cook Nat'l Park as well? Couldn't find location in my books...
  7. NZ in January

    thanks dru am looking at Arthur's Pass...
  8. Favorite song lyrics

    i like whip it. but it gets stuck in my head for days! the lyrics themselves are so degrading, but I just can't help but love to sing along.... here's my favorite lines.. *...we're back now at the jackoff hour... this is DJ EasssyDick....* When I met ya last night baby, before you opened up your gap i had respect for ya lady, but now i take it all back 'cause you gave me all your p....y and ya even licked my b*lls....... etc well if corrupt gave a f*ck about a bitch, i'd always be broke i'd never have no mother f*ckin endo to smoke.... "it ain't no fuuuuuunnnnnnnnnn, if the homies can't haaave none.... it ain't no fun, if the homies can't have none" one for the money, two for the bitches, threee to get ready, and four to hit the switches, in my chevy '64 ready to be exact, with biches on my side, and bitches on back so back up bitch b/c i'm strugglin just get on your knees and then start jugglin...... I apologize for those who don't know this song and think I"m just being...crude?! It's just so funny!!!
  9. AA

    THANKS Muff! Looks like it's gonna be late Feb for us to meet up, but I will make it happen! btw, AA are my initals, I am not an AA attendee , but I do love to
  10. NZ in January

    So I'm headed down to NZ in January for 3-4 weeks, and due to the short time frame and busiest tourist season, would like to know your favorite tramp/trek, cragging area, park, etc. Doing the research, there are so many incredible things to see it's going to be hard to narrow it down to a few! So comments/suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated... I already saw the thread from a few months ago, but am looking for more specifics.. THANKS
  11. A Gift for the Caveman

    that was so touching..... *sniff sniff*
  12. Cave Rock

    Muff, I agree with you- closing Cave Rock will only set precedent for who knows how many other closures for similar/other reasons... I just think the 'just assimilate them' attitude doesn't really need to be brought into it... The cave dwellers I believe were the Anasazi people (I think- anyone else remember?) and from some of my readings I believe some of the SW tribes did even climb some cliffs, albeit not the same as today's form...
  13. Cave Rock

    Trask, must you use this term? Do any of you anti's even know anything about our government's history with Native peoples? And why all they have now are casinos and a sacred rock? At the very least, support Alternative 2, and do a little reading about how our nation for the past 120 years has fucked over hundreds of tribes, then maybe you won't slander them.
  14. GIS day

    quote: yes, everyone should give your GIS peeps a big hug, wad of cash, or...other favor yes, like a job!!! soon to be unemployed gal seeking GIS job..... *shameless seeking employment attempt* otherwise, i may just have to take a trip to new zealand!!! quote: Huh? Jizz Day, you say? A celebration is in order! yes, GIS is fun!
  15. drytooling at exit 38

    yeah, it's a bit deceiving. i would like to lead some easy stuff but for that reason i haven't yet. it's hard to tell if/when you're gonna get super pumped and have to put in a screw on some sketchy part.