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  1. Wilderness First Aid

    quote: Originally posted by Norman Clyde: <snip>(since if an accident victim in the backcountry is needing CPR, they're as good as dead already). Not if they were struck by lighting. I was in AA's WFA course this weekend. Our instructor had some interesting stats. As we know, only .003% of cardiac arrest victims who receive CPR but not a defibrillator survive. However, 70-90% of lightning victims who go into cardiac arrest and receive CPR survive. Jeff
  2. Uninsured Climbing

    I'm suprised by the number of users here who don't have health insurance. This thread is encouraging me to vote Yes on Oregon Measure 3. http://www.healthcareforalloregon.org
  3. EMT Class

    quote: Originally posted by iain: <snip>In fact a standard urban first responder (police officer, some firefighters) has more power at the accident scene from a legal standpoint than a WFR. <snip> Don't most WFR courses meet DOT First Responder standards?
  4. EMT Class

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  5. Skiing Snowdome this weekend

    Thanks for the responses here. I went on Sunday and had a good time. There's a TR here: http://mtncommunity.org/cgi-bin/dcforum/dcboard.cgi?az=read_count&om=69&forum=DCForumID7
  6. Skiing Snowdome this weekend

    I'm considering skiing Snodome this weekend. Should I be concerned by the upper 90 degree weather in Portland right now? Will it significantly raise wet-slide activity?
  7. Mt. Jefferson / Jefferson Park Glacier

    Know Fear, when you say you, ""traversed east to the more popular ascent route" you mean you traversed to the north ridge, right? Sherpa Jeff