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  1. Road conditions to Colchuck Peak

    Superman is right on. I was just on the Ice Cliff Glacier. The conditions are stellar. Make sure you give us the full TR when you get back!!!
  2. Thailand

    I'm over here in Thailand right now ... lovely Patong Beach (Phuket). I've been here for a week after spending a month climbing mountains in the Himalayas (got some pretty sweet photos of Ama Dablam over there, but that'll have to wait for another thread). I agree with whoever said don't book your hotel in advance ... they're so available, and it's better to barter up front because you have that leverage (you can just walk away if you don't get the price you want - there's many more hotels -- if they see you walking away, they're often more inclined to give you the price you're asking for or close to it). I stayed away from Krabi just because I need a break from climbing after a month in Nepal. The beer is good and cheap, and if you're into women like I am, there's plenty of them. I'm getting treated like a rock star by the ladies (they love Americans) -- it's great! I hear Krabi province is wonderful though (especially Railay), so if you're coming to climb, go there. It's pretty rainy down here now, but very hot. I've seen about 3 entirely sunny days the entire trip, but even when it rains it'll dump and then stop for a few hours of sun. If you like to party, I highly suggest a few days in Patong Beach! You won't regret it. Anyway, I gotta run to the bar. Happy hour and .90 cent draught beers await me. Enjoy the rain!
  3. Average IQ of a CC.com poster

    Maybe its got somethign to do with the number and type of bottom shapes overall?
  4. Average IQ of a CC.com poster

    You could get the same result just by looking straight down, all that tells you is the rows are made of the same shapes, like dru said a while back. Yeh your right snoboy. I stand correxted.
  5. Average IQ of a CC.com poster

    what are the choices? I understand now why the bottom shape is a white circle (it is). Look diagonally accrossed the middle. Oval, square, circle of all the same shade. Now start at the upper right corner. Go diagonally down and to the right. The next box down would be the 1st square on the 2nd row (the white square). The next box (the box in question) should be a circle to maintain this pattern. your theory still doesnt explain the middle box in the top row though? You have to extend the square. Expand it to make it 9x9 and you'll see that the square in the top in the middle repeats itself outside the 3x3 square.
  6. Average IQ of a CC.com poster

    what are the choices? I understand now why the bottom shape is a white circle (it is). Look diagonally accrossed the middle. Oval, square, circle of all the same shade. Now start at the upper right corner. Go diagonally down and to the right. The next box down would be the 1st square on the 2nd row (the white square). The next box (the box in question) should be a circle to maintain this pattern.
  7. Average IQ of a CC.com poster

    This one was tricky for me too. Look at the top shape in each square. Then look two boxes right and one up .. it's the same figure. If you get to the end of the row, start at the beginning again. If you get to the top of a row, go to the bottom. So the top shape inside the box in question we know is going to be a gray plus sign. Now for the bottom shape I'm not sure, but I guessed white circle. Anyone know about this?
  8. Average IQ of a CC.com poster

    I scored a 139. We've got a smart bunch of people here (most of us that is).
  9. Winter Alpine Climbs

    There's some nice stuff up in the Pasayten in the Winter (i.e. Monument, Lago, Blackcap, and Osceola). It's a long drive, but well worth it for some quality winter climbs.
  10. Thoughts to Stefan

    Stefan, Wishing you a speedy recovery. Just another reminder that injuries can happen to anyone at anytime. Be careful out there everybody!
  11. TR : Jack Mountain S. Face

    Climbed Jack Mountain this weekend via the South Face. The approach is somewhat difficult, with a 5+ mile trail slog then an ascending traverse cross country to the ridge below Crater Mountain. From there we traversed Jerry Glacier down towards Jerry Lakes. On the way we looked for the reported ledge that would have allowed us to bypass the 1200' drop to Jerry Lakes, but we could not find it. Instead, we dropped down to Jerry Lakes and back up the next ridge (~600'). Then it was about a 600' drop and another 200' gain to get to camp in Crater Basin. Once in Crater Basin, Jack looked far different than in any picture I've ever seen of it. The Northeast Glacier looked quite impressive with a jumble of ice and crevasses adorning its lower flank. The Southeast Glacier was equally impressive with its several cascading waterfalls that flowed into Crater Basin. From camp, we could barely make out the summit block towering majestically 3000' above us. We knew we had our work cut out for us the following day. At 7:30 on Sunday morning, we left for the summit. We made quick work of the first 1000 vertical feet with light packs. We then came to the base of the cliffs below the summit block and they looked quite ugly. We looked for a spot to get onto the face, and found a short class 4/ low class 5 pitch that got us onto a series of ledges. We carefully followed the ledges up and crossed several ridges via some convenient notches. We found ourselves on the summit at 11:30 and took in some spectacular views of Ross Lake, Hozomeen, the Pickets, Cascade Pass area, Black Peak, Bonanza, Goode ... some of the best summit views I've ever seen. With another party ascending the East Ridge, we decided to head down early to prevent kicking down rocks on their party. We carried a 30m 8.4mm glacier rope to the top .. we didn't use it. Take crampons for Jerry Glacier. Give yourself 3 days to climb this one. It could be climbed in 2 long days by a competent party, but it's in such a beautiful area that it would be a shame to do it so fast. Definitely one of the better climbs I've been on. Only 25 ascent parties are listed in the summit log since 1995. This one doesn't get climbed much. Allow 8 hours for the approach and 5 for the return. From camp to summit took 4 hours. [ 09-23-2002, 10:02 PM: Message edited by: MountainMan ]
  12. MTB weekend

    Ranger Creek/Dalles Ridge/Noble Knob is a GREAT ride. It's just off highway 410 past Greenwater on the way to Crystal Mountain. Some of the best stuff I've ever rode. [ 10-10-2002, 06:54 PM: Message edited by: MountainMan ]
  13. Where would you go if you had ten days to kill

    I've been in the Wind River Range in late September/Early October and it was definitely not warm (neither are the Cascades), but it wasn't formidably cold either. Of course when the "cold" arrives will vary from year to year. It was 65 degrees F in Pinedale, Wyoming today .. which is at the foot of the Wind River Range. Not too shabby for October 10. It's getting pretty cold at night though. So if you were to go now, Wind River would be OK. In 3 weeks it might still be OK. [ 10-10-2002, 05:16 PM: Message edited by: MountainMan ]
  14. Where would you go if you had ten days to kill

    I didn't know there was a "season" for the Wind River Range. I always thought when it gets too cold, don't climb. I'm not sure how cold it is there right now, but it couldn't be too bad considering the low temperature in any city in the continental US was 24 degrees F yesterday. November might be pushing it, but then again it might be OK. You just have to pay attention to conditions like always and plan accordingly.
  15. Where would you go if you had ten days to kill

    Also, Wind River Range in Wyoming .. great place to climb. And there's some pretty nice stuff up in the Yukon too (cirque of unclimbables). http://www.geocities.com/~gibell/cirque/ CIRQUE OF UNCLIMBABLES WEBPAGE ^^^^ Hit it up .. if you do a TR would be nice. [ 10-10-2002, 04:29 PM: Message edited by: MountainMan ]
  16. Where would you go if you had ten days to kill

    Ten days sounds like a good amount of time to have a good old North Cascades Jamboree to me. I'd go up and spend some time on Ragged Ridge .. maybe climb Katsuk, Cosho, and Kimtah. Then I might go over and hit up Monument, Blackcap, Osceola, and Lago. Then if I had enough energy I'd check out Snowfield on the way back. Now is a good time to see the fall colors. Those 4 days of sunshine in the 7 day forecast look quite nice .. we probably won't be seeing any 4 day stretches like that for a while around here (if this 4 day stretch even pans out). Pros of MountainMan's Plan : -Cheap -Fun -Beautiful -Alpine -Cheap Cons : -None So there you have it.
  17. Snow Creek vs Lake Colchuck

    I'd never use Snow Creek instead of Aasgard unless I was only hitting something on the extreme Eastern end of the Enchantments (like the Temple) -- not for Prusik or anything west of it. Coming in via Snow Creek you have 5500' of gain in about 10 miles (from trailhead to Lake Viviane). Coming from Aasgard, its about 4100' (thats 1400' less gain than Snow Creek) gain to Lake Viviane from the Colchuck Lake trailhead and about 8.5 miles. So if you're going into climb Annapurna, Dragontail, Pruski, or anything else of relevance in the Enchantments, it's a no-brainer. Take Aasgard Pass!
  18. TR : Jack Mountain S. Face

    Dale, There was very little snow in the gullies .. we were able to climb above or around all snow on the S. Face to prevent having to put on crampons. We used a ledge system that traversed the ribs, and we also ascended some gulleys (mainly near the summit). If the snow that recently fell up there melts off, it's a great time to climb it. Stefan, Our camp was pretty close to point x6072 .. within 200m. Beautiful camp spots with plenty of running water. [ 09-30-2002, 06:33 PM: Message edited by: MountainMan ]
  19. mt. logan fremont glacier route

    I'd bring the 30m 8.4mm. I was up there this time last season (a low snow year) and the glacier was UGLY. This year it shouldn't be so bad, but I'd bring the rope nonetheless. Maybe someone who's been up there recently could tell you otherwise, but that's what I'd do ... It's a long way to go to find out you need some rope. Watch out for bears ... there's a bunch up there. Have fun, and post a TR when you get back.
  20. Marmot Pinnacle/Helium???

    Does anyone have any experience with the Marmot Pinnacle 15 degree down bag or the Marmot Helium 15 degree down bag? I'm primarily looking for a bag that will get me through the N. Cascade Winter. Any input is appreciated.
  21. Sloan peak anyone??

    Shit .. yer right. Yay!
  22. Sloan peak anyone??

    I'm working otherwise I'd be so there.
  23. Dome Peak TR

    Thanks for the TR TT .. planning on heading up to Sinister and Dome for Labor Day Weekend.

    hwo bout now?