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  1. at 38 after 5 today? My sis can't make it & I've got my draws n' stuff in the rig & ready to go.
  2. Hall Creek area
  3. hey slack'n szyjak muchas gracias, or some such, I can drive there but am direction give'n deficient. beverage de'jour, or howevva ya spellit's on me, should we evva meet
  4. can someone give me directions to the free camp'n by smith... pretty please
  5. nbclmrkat and james, check your pm's. Thinker, Thailand was great, the only bummer was that we were having so much fun doing everything else we didn't make it climbing. A good excuse to go back! TLG, thanks, I just might!
  6. I live in the Seattle area - have ropes, quick draws, vehicle etc. I'm comfy following/cleaning 5.6-5.7's and am happy to belay while you climb harder stuff
  7. is rope up a sausage fest? as in no girls allowed?
  8. kelz


    ehmmic, i'm not going til sept, i thought the rainy season was oct/nov...
  9. kelz


    thanks for all the great info boyz n' girlz! i'll only be there for 3 weeks & likely only climbing 1 of them. too much to do & see in such a short time. obviously i'll have to go back
  10. go'n today, i'll pm ya
  11. kelz


    I'm psyched, just purchased my tix for Thailand has anyone been? suggestions/recommendations?
  12. dang, I was hope'n it'd be back up already as that's where I get to play this weekend
  13. try the Shilshole marina, on the left, just before you enter the locks. I believe they have free transient moorage. as I recall, none of the restaurants at Shilshole have docks. ohhh, wait, I think The Baithouse, closer in to the locks, on the left, has a small dock. it's a pretty small restaurant. maybe give them a call.
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