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  1. Thanks Lowell - I think we will go to the North Cascades instead...
  2. Anyone been up on the Mowitch face recently? What are conditions like?
  3. Thanks all! Good advice... I think I will see what's up Alaska way and would make a decent 2.5 week trip...
  4. I have a frind who lives in Bishop, and he say the snow is melting fast up high...
  5. Yeah, June definitely looks like the most popular month to go. I was just wondering if it will be a waste of money to go in May, which is the only time I have available. For that matter, does anyone have input on where the best place in the world is to climb for two weeks in the month of May? Seems like most of the hot spots are open either earlier or later...
  6. Anyone have an opinion on when the climbing season begins in Bolivia? The guidebook I have (Yossi Brain) says May - September, and I am thinking of going in May, but I just talked to someone who has been there a few times and he says May is a bad idea - we will waste our time in storms and/or powder slogs. Anyone been there in May?
  7. In a typical year June is a great time to be in Yosemite/the Sierras. A little early to be way up high, like in the Palisades/Whitney areas, but even that is still doable. I have camped on snow at the base of Cathedral peak in July, but that was a very heavy snow year - generally no problem in June. Hwy 120 through Toualumne Meadows should open just before Memorial Day weekend. The great thing about the Sierras, and unlike the PNW, is that even if you end up approaching on snow, your chances of being rained/snowed on while clinbing in June are not too high.
  8. Ray, it sounds like the single wall is for you, but in case anyone else is interested, I was involved in the developement of the SD Hercules tent and it is by far the strongest tent on the market from a wind load stand point. We tested it in wind tunnels (including the one at UW by the way) and it is the only tent we have EVER been unable to make fail. Though, to be honest, we had to promise not to crank the wind speeds up over 100mph (damages the tunnel when the tent blows up at that speed). For reference, every 4-season tent you can think of will generally fail below 50mph. The Hercules also weighs about a pound less than comparable double wall tents. - Dan
  9. Thought I'd pass this on in case any are interested... Subject: Backcountry Ski Race March 31st at Alpental Three weeks to go... And another benefit for the Avalanche Center!!! Life-Link/DynaFit Randonee Rally at Alpental When : The race is March 31st. Race starts at 8:00 am. There will be a mandatory, pre-race meeting, packet and bib pickup on Friday, March 29. 6:00 p.m. at REI downtown Seattle, in the meeting room. Rules, general race information, and specific course information will be discussed at 7:00 p.m. Where : Alpental. The race route leads up in the ski area to the out of bounds gate, across the Great Scott Traverse, climbs Piss Pass and downhill ski the Great Scott Bowl. Then, skins back on and reverse the course. For the Elite catagory racers, the course will include the Rec. catagory course, then skin to Source Lake, skin up to Pineapple Pass, ski down the Great Scott Bowl, skin up to Piss Pass and across the Great Scott Traverse, then to the finish line via the ski area. The course promises to be a challenge through Alpental's breathtaking backcountry terrain. Entry Fee : $35 for individuals or $30 per team member and $20 lift tickets (unless you have a season pass). Registration : You may enter at the R.E.I downtown Seattle store or online <http://life-link.com/alpregistration.htm> at Life-Link.com and mail in the registration or drop it off at R.E.I (downtown store only). Entry forms will be available at Alpental Guest Services and Retail after Feb. 22. All entries must be dropped off at the R.E.I downtown stores or mailed to P.O Box 2913, Jackson Hole, WY 83001. No entries accepted at the Summit at Snoqualmie. Discipline : Racers must ascend by use of climbing skins. Randonnee, Telemark or splitboards allowed. Divisions : Men/Women Elite Catagory, Men/Womens Recreational Catagory, and team. Teams are made up of 3 people (men/women or combined). Mandatory Requirements : Safety straps or brakes required. Avalanche Transceiver, shovel and probe required. Contact Information : Go to Life-Link.com <http://www.life-link.com/> or phone 1-800-443-8620 ex 175 For local information, call Bruce Greenstein at 206-287-4836. General Information : This Alpine Touring race highlights the strengths and endurance of local skiers, while benefiting the NW Weather and Avalanche Center. Volunteer Opportunities : If you do not wish to race, but want to get involved, you may volunteer to help coordinate the race. Spots for checkpoint duty are still avaiable (that way you get to tour part of the course to get to the checkpoint, as well as base area help. Contact Bruce Greenstein for more info at 206-287-4836. This event is sponsored by Dynafit, Life-Link, REI, Pro Guiding Service, Off-Piste Magazine, and others. The Avalanche Center appreciates your participation.
  10. The Spectrum bag is sold... Evolution, Prism and Reaction are still available.
  11. Brand new Sierra Designs 3/4 season tent. 2-person convertible model. Retail is $289, I will sell for $159
  12. Both tents are sold. I should have another one soon though, so let me know if you are interested in that one...
  13. One is sold, there is still one left...
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