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  1. Pro Rainier Guides needed

    Something called a CUA (Conditional Use A-?) lets companies like the Institute and other folks run a trip or two per year on Rainier. So it can be legal . . . I think they have to do the Emmons or the Kautz. No DC/Ingraham. Yes, trips on Rainier sell out quick for all three companies. Bucket list folk . . . they generally all get their assses handed to them, even when they do summit. They like the cycle as they generally have little to no mountain experience whatsoever (but think Rainier is their gateway to the Seven Summits!). . .
  2. What about a day trip on the Coleman Headwall Fri? Temps should be colder then they've been for a bit.
  3. One day mission. Obviously, freezing levels may be an issue for the Coleman Headwall . . . . Comfortable climbing ice with skis on your back? Out of contact Thursday morning through Saturday afternoon but will get back as soon as I can.
  4. Erie on Wed 7/7

    Want to do a lap up zig zag and then a few of the other routes off of snag ledge. Morning to avoid getting sizzled up on the wall. Coming from B'ham Lee 801.913.0668
  5. Down in the area for work and looking to get out this one day only . . . Out of cell contact starting on Sunday morning till the morning of the 1st so if you want to climb hit me up now and be ready to not bail. Temps not too hot next week as of now . .
  6. Found on May 14th . . .
  7. So if the Twin Lakes Rd is open to about 2 miles - is the best approach to SSW facing Larrabee over Gold Run Pass or working up through Twin Lakes/Winchester/Low Pass/High Pass? Going up through Winchester seems maybe more direct, but the contouring required to keep from doing a bunch of up and down seems like a bigger pain than just straight up dropping into upper Tomyhoi Creek from Gold Run and traversing at a lower elevation. On the other hand, actually climbing Larrabee by its SE ridge from High Pass seems like the easiest line of ascent . . . Thoughts? Looks like a great fall line run into Tomyhoi Cr w/ just under 3000' of vert . . .
  8. Mt Baker Access

    Road ez driving to MM 7 (about 3200') on FS Rd 39 - 20 min to the TH. When the next 300' of snow melts out it'll be drivable to where the other road (FS Rd 36?) branches off. Basically the trailhead . . . Grouse Creek still good shape and fast, but need to put the boards over the shoulder for a good 20 min or so through the trees. Coleman Glacier very filled in, obviously. Wanted to summit but winds strong enough to blow one over convinced me to turn around @ 9200'. Good turns on the Coleman on a sun softened crust at 1100. C-H route on Colfax looking plenty fat . . . takers?
  9. Slesse Creek FSR

    Larrabee shoulder approach - copy. I don't particularly love alders. Never been there before, thought there might be enough snow on the approach to be a snowy hwy. Thanks for the info . . .
  10. Slesse Creek FSR

    G - how much further if you want to go to the cirque on the n'ly aspects behind larrabee/pleiades? And who is the contact for the key?
  11. So what's the story on this road? Hunting around online shows it's most likely gated, but is public access still allowed into the drainage or will the Canadian army blow me up? If public access is good to go, how far to the end of the road on foot? Can't gauge dist from the online maps of the area I've found . . Cheers
  12. Looking for keen skiers who want to ski and climb all sorts of lines on Baker, Shuksan and beyond (climb N ridge/ski C Headwall maybe? Things like that.) Showing up from UT in a few days with fairly open schedule through mid-late May. Based in B-ham. Cheers
  13. The subject speaks for itself. Thanks for your reply . . .
  14. No Lake Ann TH - but oddly enough that's where we were when we realized it was missing. BB trailhead on July 20th-ish
  15. Somehere between the Boston Basin 5400' camp and the trailhead, or maybe somewhere else. Fell off pack or is in the bushes on the side of the road. Pleez help!