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  1. Laurel Fan

    Wayne, Nice. Well written. I don't know either of you, but know of both of you. Laurel was a frequent climbing partner of my long time friend, Mark Webster. RIP Laurel. Jim Phillips Leavenworth
  2. Porta Ledges

    One single A-5 porta ledge with fly. Used one trip up El Cap. $350.00 One new Northface / A-5 single porta ledge with a Fish fly. $475.00 Jim 253-279-8287
  3. Yes, we all saw that line this year but YOU did it! Nice job!
  4. Icicle Vandals

    Thanks Russ!!
  5. Icicle Vandals

    Today two of the Russian climbing team showed up as they said they would and clean all of the "chalk paint" off of the rock. They do not plan to use any kind of paint on the rocks again. They and we spent the rest of the day climbing on this beautiful fall day. It was interesting that they knew many of the same people in Russia and around here that I know. Ended up that the are very interesting climbers and have climbed all over the world. I hope we can put an end to this post as it seems to have taken on a life of it's own. This particular incident is over. Jim Phillips
  6. Icicle Vandals

    Nevtrik, Thank for the information. We will check on the paint and see what happens. In four weeks winter will be here and the area might not see much climbing until next spring. As I said in last nights post the paint was very diffulcult to remove with a wire brush. Hopefully it degrades noticeably in a couple of weeks. That will save us a lot of work. By the way, many years ago, I climbed for a month in Russia and one of our friends and host was the Russian national speed climbing champion. It's time to move on and get out and climb as much as we can in this beautiful fall weather! Jim
  7. Icicle Vandals

    I just got back from wire brushing some paint off of one of the routes. It took about an hour to remove one spot and one half of the second spot. I am reluctant to use paint remover or other chemicals at this point, so my climbing partner, Don, and I will get after it tomorrow with wire brushes and should make good progress. Talk about cleaned and scrubed holds, this route will have them! Jim
  8. Icicle Vandals

    I am the one who has been establishing the new routes at the Carnival Crag area with various partners. Tomorrow we are going to work on removing the paint. Thanks for all the offers to help. I will let you know tomorrow how it went. It's interesting that a month ago we left a rope hanging on a route we were working about 10 feet from the route that was spray painted. When we came back the next day it was gone. The previous summer, in the same area, I left a rope on another route we were working on for several weeks with no problems. We now have 18 new routes in that area. Viktor is making a topo of the area for me. When it is finished I will post it for all to use.(except for the Russian speed team. They have other ways of making topos right on the rock) Jim Phillips
  9. Nice job. Congratulations! I know this has been on your list for a while.
  10. Rock shoe

    Today, I found a Five 10 purple- right foot rock shoe size US 10 (womens size?)on Winter Solstice route - Castle rock. Jim 253-279-8287
  11. Always fun to climb with you and Sue. Great trip report. Looking forward to another trip in September!
  12. R.I.P. Dallas

    R.I.P. old friend. See you on the summit.
  13. New Leavenworth guidebook is here!

    Just picked up my copy. Very well done. It is time to get yours!! Jim Phillips