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  1. Bucket of Pitons

    Several interested parties. E-mails all responded to. Thanks.
  2. Bucket of Pitons

    Good for you dude. That's a deal. A good number of the climbers I knew made more than enough money and had professional jobs. Not all climbers are broke. They are welcome to go buy them for $15 ea at a store, or get mine used for $5 each.
  3. Bucket of Pitons

    I haven't worn a harness since 2006 and probably never will again. I have enough pins to climb the hardest of nail up routes in the Valley. Some of the pins have been well loved, but most are basically new or only placed a few times. Pins are tougher than aluminum gear, and tend to work better the older they get. I have everything from rurps, beaks, blades, arrows, bugs, angles of all sizes - standard and sawed. A bunch of hooks too. I'm guessing there is 75-100 pieces. E-mail me only if you're seriously interested. I don't check my PMs here. Will not part out bucket, so please don't ask to buy a couple pins. It will average out to $5 a pin. I would trade the whole lot and kick in some extra cams and stuff for a quality western saddle or a 150#+ anvil. So, if you by chance have one laying around, I'll consider it. However, most people who frequent this sight probably don't have horses or blacksmith... Thanks, BJ
  4. Bigwall and Expedition Gear

    This is a preliminary posting. More details to come. If you're interested, e-mail me and I'll send you pictures. NO PM'S PLEASE Custom Made 1.5 width portaledge with fly. Really awesome ledge! : ***Sold*** Petzl Shunt: ***Pending*** One Sport Boots, size 10.5: $75 Intuition Boot Liners, size 11, unmolded, lightly used: $50 Life Link Avalanche Snow Study Kit, includes extra thermometer, like new: $50
  5. Who bought my fusions last year?

    I forgot to mail you the wrenches for them. If you bought my fusions, I will send them to you. E-mail me and tell me where you are, so I can get them to you. Take care, Brook
  6. For Sale: Like New BD Fusions

    e-mail inbound.
  7. For Sale: Like New BD Fusions

    Price update: After thinking about it, $200 is a better price. Don't you think! Take care.
  8. FS: Expedition/Ice Climbing stuff

    Goretex supergators, black, goretex, size L, 5.10 rubber, like new. (great for Alaska and South America) Charlet Moser Ixe Axe leash - pulsar style 3 5" stubby ice screws 3 7" pound in ice screws I'd like to sell it all in one lump instead of bits and pieces. $80 for all. E-mail for pics
  9. For Sale: Like New BD Fusions

    Used a few times indoors, but never on the real deal. Picks have a few marks, but they are still sharp. $250 for the set. Willing to ship. See price update below.
  10. BD Fusion tools

    BD Fusion tools. Like new, picks in great shape, never sharpened. Includes wrenches. $400 for pair, shipped. Please e-mail me if interested. I don't check this sight very often. Take care.
  11. FS - Petzl Shunt

    still available
  12. FS - Petzl Shunt

    e-mail returned.
  13. FS - RBGAN Satellite Modem

    RBGAN satellite modem for sale. High speed internet modem for use with laptop or blue tooth enabled palm pilots. Used on one expedition. $250 u-pick up. Or, you can pay for shipping. PM if interested.
  14. FS - Petzl Shunt

    Petzl shunt for sale. Barely used. It's been taken on a few walls in Yosemite, but never left the haul bag. never been dropped, or shock loaded. Few scratches from use, otherwise it's in like new condition. $25 u-pick up, or $30 shipped. PM if interested
  15. 8611 skis FS