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High Avie Danger this weekend in the Cascades

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At least the rain tomorrow should mush out any instability below 10,000'. :yeti2:


Date   Olympics Northwest Cascades Northeast Cascades Central Cascades South Cascades Easterly Flow in Passes
Friday Morning Snow Level 5000' 4500' 4000' 4500' 5000'  
Friday Afternoon Snow Level 4500' 4500' 4500' 4500' 4500'  
Friday Night Snow Level 6000' 4000' 4000' 4500' 6000'  
Saturday Morning Snow Level 7500' 5500' 5000' 6500' 8000'  
Saturday Afternoon Snow Level 8000' 7500' 6500' 7500' 9000'  
Saturday Night Freezing Level 10500' 10000' 7000' 9000' 11000'

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