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      Huge thank you to Bellingham based The American Alpine Institute for being our sole sponsor, taking care of our hosting costs,  which is our biggest cost.  @Jason_Martin  of AAI reached out to me, and really wanted to support the forums.  They have supported us in the past,  and now stepped up to support us again.  They will be our sole sponsor for 6 months.   Big time, and they are a local climbing related company to boot!  
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Acclimating on Rainier

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Hey there!


Getting ready for a solo attempt on Aconcagua in February. As such I will be up on Mt. Rainier chilling at Muir for 3 weeks or so in January; will probably go for a few summit attempts. I've led a couple of summits on the mountain including an Ingraham Direct a few winters ago. Anyone want to meet up and have some fun? I'll be training skills and working out a good bit too if anyone has a big climb coming up and wants to get into shape. Just let me know when you think you'll be up at Muir and I'll keep the stove warm for ya.


P.S. Will be taking a couple of days down at a cabin middle of those 3 weeks to get some work done via internetz so if you want to try for a summit just try to make sure you don't pick the same dates I go down to Ashford.



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