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The Madrone Wall Will Move Forward!


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Great news and a big relief!


At the citizen-led Parks Advisory Board (PAB) meeting last night, it was unanimously decided that the Madrone will move forward towards park creation! It seems odd to say that because there was a possibility that it would not move forward due to a lack of funding. Sam Drevo with Clackamas County Tourism really sealed the deal, as tourism dollars from those who access this site will help generate funds for local businesses. This concept was a big win for the volunteer members of the PAB.


Keith and I will be working with the County Park Staff over the next few weeks on matching grant applications, completed engineering plans from TY Lin, and formalizing other applications and permit processes with the National Guard, Transportation, and the construction process. Some deadlines for these are coming up quick, too. The draft MOU between the County and the MWPC will also be finalized. Thanks to Chris Winter for drafting this for us, and thanks to him for his support. The PAB will discuss the progress that both us and the Parks Manager will have completed at the May PAB meeting. Accountability by the County will finally be in place: they have to keep up their end of the bargain now. It was refreshing to see the support of the PAB, too, as it is a very different and more positive PAB than what Keith and I worked with 4-5 years ago.


Keith has really busted his hump over the years for the Madrone. Many have no idea the intense work he has done behind the scenes to even get us to this place. The National Guard and TY Lin are two great examples, and Keith is the one who reached out. The old saying goes, "If you don't ask, the answer is always no." He wanted this to happen, and believed in himself and believed in the underdog overcoming the politicos and naysayers. If you see him, please remember to thank him!


A big thanks to the Mazamas, American Alpine Club, Access Fund, local citizens Joan Zuber and Charlene DeBruin, all of the climbing gyms in town, and outdoor stores who have supported us over the years. Thanks to all of you who have supported us, too!


Thank you for continuing to respect the closure. We will keep you posted here and on Facebook for updates on where we are at.



Kellie Rice

President, MWPC

Like us on FB - https://www.facebook.com/madronewall




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