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Major Major

SS Hood at 2'06'16 (and some beta)

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What else new is there to do on the south side of Hood, right? Unfortunately I get bored really fast, so I use momentum and tunes to keep my mind busy (and stay warm). After too many shots of Scotch and bubbly on New Year's Even the night before, I was just glad the hangover dissipated as I ascended.


Anyway, after I reached the Hogsback in 1'40, I thought, hmm, let's see if I can get it under 2 hours. Unfortunately the deep, powdery snow made foot travel tedious and slow, and I missed the goal by 6 minutes. But, for the first day of 2015, I lucked out overall on weather and had a good safe climb.


Although we've had fresh snow recently, the snow was difficult to ski on due to a light crust layer on top, with fresh powdery snow below, driving the skis every which way. Expect the snow to consolidate nicer though; the sun was hitting it pretty hard. The Berg is filled in. Also, the Pearly Gates are shaped more like a chimney right now and were super fun to climb: good ice and some natural steps. (hey, it beats old chute / mazama routes.)


Gear notes: skis/skins, crampons, whippet, extra warm clothes for a night over if needed, my freakin' iPod.



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Nice to run into you out there yesterday. Any shots of the chimney in the Gates? You mentioned doing some stemming moves, sounds fun.


Real question is can you break 2 hrs without skis? Maybe you could try sprinting up there in some Luna Sandals? :grin:



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No pics of chimney. My photo skills suck. I totally agree on the pre-2hour without skis. Instead of sandals, however, I'd go with thongs. (Let the pic jokes stream in.)

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