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Found sling with gear at Index

Tom Beirne

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Sounded like a full rack in the index parking lot. I have yet to see someone leave a large rack they don't plan to go back and get. If you get no response here, I think you should go back and hang it up exactly where you found it.


If they aren't Internet goers, they will be back for it and it wont be there. Full racks and fixed ropes should be left alone at index. Just my humble opinion. I can't help but imagine the poor owner.


Best of luck finding the owner.


Kind regards,

Pat Sullivan



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My girlfriend and I were taking it easy on GNS that day and saw the group ascending Pisces to the anchor where the rack was apparently left. They hiked out to the parking lot after rapping off the route. I was there until about 5PM when it got dark and nobody came by, otherwise I would have let them know that someone retrieved their rack.


Anyhow, I believe one of the climbers' names was Fletch, or something similar. At least that's what it sounded like from what I could hear of them calling back and forth. If someone knows him, maybe give him a heads up that Tom has it for him

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