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WTB - Picks and Griprest for Charlet-Moser Quark


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I figure this is long shot, but you never know what your fellow dirtbags have the gear chest.


I need some replacement picks for the pre-2010 Charlet Moser Quarks. I would take B or T style picks, either the "Quad" or the "Cascade".


(Bonus - if someone has the griprest that goes with these handles, that would be cool.)


It looks like I can buy the picks internationally, but for the price I could rent tools when I need them, or else get about halfway to something more modern.




I might just donate these tools if I can't get replacement picks. Any good karma will be paid forward!


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EMS has them on sale here: http://www.ems.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3656545


Full retail at $50, but if you spend >$75 you get a $50 gift card (some restrictions - read the fine print). Alternatively if you're willing to wait a couple weeks, EMS frequently will run "XX% off everything" sales and with Black Friday coming up, expect a 25%-35% coupon code to show up.

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